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From A Time-Tested and Proven Method for Mastering the Guitar - Courtesy of

Learn the Foundational Concept That Will Enable You to Master Guitar!

Is the guitar neck a mystery to you? Tired of the hunt-and-peck, trial-and-error approach? Are you beginning to think that there must be a better way?


This FREE 3-lesson series will give you THE foundation from which a complete understanding of the guitar neck derives. You will learn:


  • The names and locations of 12 notes.

  • How to memorize and practice these 12 notes in the most optimum way possible.

  • From these 12 notes you will learn to visualize all other notes on the neck without memorizing every note on every string.

From these 12 notes all chords, scales, arpeggios, etc. can be visualized.

BONUS: First lesson includes a valuable technique tip as well as a video demonstration proving that this is so easy even a 7-year-old can do it!

Click on the link above to access your 3 free lessons!

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