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Master Guitar School Newsletter: July 2019

Hey Site Members!

Still on the Unique Voicings series. This is Lesson 25: Add 9ths to Close-Voiced 7th Chords: Major and Dominant.

This FREE lesson has:

  • Explanatory text

  • 56 fretboard diagrams

  • 11 minute video

While I am anxious to finish up this series and move on to the next thing, there will be several more months of this FREE series. I was looking at this latest lesson which was originally double what it is now! I decided that making each lesson less overwhelming was worth extending the whole series a few more months, so I divided it in half; Major and Dominant chords this month and Minor and Diminished chords next month.

Are you a new member? Don't understand "Unique Voicings?" Check out the blog: Altered States - Unique Voicings for an explanation.

All previous Unique Voicings lessons can be accessed for FREE in the Members Only section of the website.

Blogs Published Since the Last Newsletter

KC Music Talk Interviews Jay EuDaly. Listen to me talk about gigging, being the house guitarist for the longest-running jam session in Kansas City history, teaching, the evolution of Master Guitar School ... and a horrible gig story!

P.S. Got a question about a lesson or download? Don’t hesitate to ask! Just use the contact info above.

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