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Master Guitar School Newsletter: July 2019

Hey Site Members!

Still on the Unique Voicings series. This is Lesson 25: Add 9ths to Close-Voiced 7th Chords: Major and Dominant.

This FREE lesson has:

  • Explanatory text

  • 56 fretboard diagrams

  • 11 minute video

While I am anxious to finish up this series and move on to the next thing, there will be several more months of this FREE series. I was looking at this latest lesson which was originally double what it is now! I decided that making each lesson less overwhelming was worth extending the whole series a few more months, so I divided it in half; Major and Dominant chords this month and Minor and Diminished chords next month.


Are you a new member? Don't understand "Unique Voicings?" Check out the blog: Altered States - Unique Voicings for an explanation.

All previous Unique Voicings lessons can be accessed for FREE in the Members Only section of the website.

Blogs Published Since the Last Newsletter

A Fraction of a Second...

KC Music Talk Interviews Jay EuDaly. Listen to me talk about gigging, being the house guitarist for the longest-running jam session in Kansas City history, teaching, the evolution of Master Guitar School ... and a horrible gig story!

Easy Money. NOT!

Jay 816-509-0331

P.S. Got a question about a lesson or download? Don’t hesitate to ask! Just use the contact info above.

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