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November Newsletter

Unique Voicings, Lesson 29 is right here!

Since I last videoed a lesson, my studio has been renovated! It's awesome, but I didn't get the lighting right when I set up my video area. So...sorry the video looks weird. I decided to just leave it and fix the lighting situation the next time around. It's all about the content anyway, right? Right!

This lesson is on Open-Voiced Minor Suspensions with the first-string-open added to create Unique Voicings. There's a crap-ton of stuff here! I resisted the temptation to break this lesson up into two lessons because I'm anxious to finish this series and get on to the next thing. We've been on this for over two years!!!!

Unless I think of something else to add there are two lessons left. When all is said and done I will bundle all this up into a download and make it available to Site Members as a single PDF.

This lesson has explanatory text, 128 fretboard diagrams (and that doesn't count the fretboard diagrams embedded in the video!) and a video that's a little less than 16 minutes long.

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Are you a new Site Member? Don't understand what I mean by, "Unique Voicings?" Check out the blog: Altered States - Unique Voicings for an explanation.

All previous Unique Voicings lessons can be accessed by Site Members for FREE.


P.S. You really should check out the Blog Page. I've been publishing a blog a week. Some of the categories are: Free Lessons Technique Music Theory Stories Philosophy Gear ...and more!

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