Unit 5: 7th Inversions

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What are inversions and how are they used?

An inversion is a chord with any other note of the chord but the root in the bass. 

Inversions have many uses. For example:

  • 7th Inversions are used is to create more variety when playing a single chord.


This comes in very handy when playing any song that sits on one chord for a while, like a Blues where you have one chord for 4 bars. Think about what piano players play. They don't just play the same static thing for 4 bars - they change up the voicing and move things around. Very few guitar players do that.

You can put yourself in a rare category of guitar playing by knowing 7th Inversions!

  • Another way inversions can be used is to create texture when 2 guitars are playing together. Each guitar can play a different voicing of the same chord rather than both guitarists playing exactly the same thing all the time.


There is a wide variety of sounds and textures that can be achieved this way -


But you have to know your inversions in order to know the possibilities!

  • A third use for inversions is to create smooth voice-leading from one chord to another.

When you play power chords and bar chords by moving the same chord shape around the fretboard you're using what's called, "parallel voice-leading." That's the way most guitarists play. Using inversions when playing a chord progression creates a smoother, less jarring sound and causes the least amount of movement from one chord to the next.

Knowing 7th inversions will take your playing to a whole new level of musicality and open up sounds that set you apart!

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