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I’ve had three primary music mentors: Jay EuDaly in Kansas City, Ray McCarty in Austin Texas, and Max Bennett here in Southern California. I’m forever grateful for their wisdom, patience, and inspiration.

- Brett Ecklund

Not only is Jay EuDaly one of the greatest guitar players I have ever heard period, but he is also one of the most knowledgeable guitarist out there. Very few know the neck up and down as well as EuDaly.


I first met Jay when I saw him playing at Harlings back in 1998 when I was about 15. I was very into blues back then and I heard him play this fusion of jazz, blues rock and I found his guitar playing very intellectually stimulating. Jay was playing probably the first jazz guitar I had heard at that point in my life..and I loved it! I first started taking lessons with Jay at 15 and he was always very honest and blunt with me about things which helped push me to always work hard and keep growing musically throughout my life. It takes discipline and hard work to be good at anything and Jay made me see that natural talent is a wonderful thing but you have to work very hard to really realize your full potential. Another thing I always admired about EuDaly is that he is so incredibly versatile musically and has such an appreciation for all styles and can play anything. I took the same approach from Jay and love many different styles and genres of music and being versatile makes you more valuable and keeps you working more! Jay really taught me how to be a smart player and develop the left side of my musical brain. That is priceless. Studying jazz guitar and going through his self published guitar books with his one-on-one mentoring and hands on instruction is the best way to learn guitar period! I always call his Vertical Truth my guitar bible. I studied with Jay up until I was 25 years old. He helped expand my musical vocabulary in so many ways and therefore expand my creative palate. Not only did Jay help my guitar playing immensely but everything I learned also helped with my songwriting, expanded my knowledge of voicings, chords, arpeggioss, scales, etc which can be applied to any instrument.


Studying with Jay is the most complete guitar/ advanced music education one can find anywhere. Even better than going to a music college which you will pay way more and not even get close to the same bang for your buck! Plus getting that one-on-one in person tutoring is the best way to learn and the only way to learn right in my opinion. Thanks Jay!

- Evan Dease

My name is Kenny Salter, I've been teaching guitar online since 2004 and I can tell you from a LIFETIME of experience that you won't find anyone with a Better Guitar Method than Jay EuDaly! He's my personal guitar coach and I highly recommend anyone from total beginner to experienced pros to spend some time with Jay, you'll be glad you did!

Kenny Salter

...the way you lay out the circle of 4ths on the guitar neck is a new revelation to me and I've been searching for this sort of stuff for four years online! I've spent the last 2 weeks practicing the stuff in the free lessons and have enjoyed it on a daily basis. Already familiar with some of the scale fingerings and found the key cycle a brilliant way to run them all! Very smartly laid out and easy to put one thing on top of the other. Feels like very little wasted time practicing and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that! An hour of practice flies by in no time and I actually feel like I'm accomplishing something!​

I've noticed something while practicing over these last few weeks that has pleased me greatly.


I spent so much time learning individual things like the notes on the neck, triads, scales, the circle of fifths, etc. And very little of it stuck to the point that I could just grab the guitar and start doing things with my hands that reinforced what I was trying to learn. It was all in my head but little of it made its way to my hands!


Over the past few weeks of practicing I've noticed that following the process has allowed me to combine many of these things. The triads are sticking because I'm referencing them to other positions. The circle is now related to the guitar neck. The notes I'm finding are coming quite easily now that I'm relating them to octaves and drilling them that way. 


I used to try to come up with all of these acronyms to try to help me remember things like the circle but I'm finding my fingers are now just magically going to the proper positions on the neck with relatively little thought.

Anyway, just wanted to take a second and say that the combined results of doing these drills are exciting and it seems to me that I am in fact starting to learn this instrument and that was the goal in the first place! Surprisingly, it didn't really take that long at all to actually see results, just a little regular practice.

- Frank DiNuzzo

I would never have thought I'd be interested in jazz when I came here. I have had excellent teachers in my career who have always been able to motivate me, encourage me and give me the knowledge necessary for my game. Evolving in Kansas City really boosted me on jazz and coming from other areas I started to feel limited especially at the methodological level. So I turned in total confidence to Jay EuDaly to rectify the situation. In addition to being a great musician he is also an outstanding educator. Also when I asked for work for the summer, I'm going back to France with one of his books! I’m impressed by how everything is thought out and detailed.

Loïs Nadal

Jay's teaching techniques has populated the professional guitar player ranks more than any other method I know.

- Mark Valentine

Unit 7: 9th chords has helped me bridge a lot of gaps in the way I think about the fretboard. Over the past few years I had found myself stuck in repetitive voicings and chord progressions resulting in lack of motivation to pick up the guitar. This unit helped me establish relationships between chords and scales that has brought more interest to my playing through new pathways to take melody and harmony. The concepts I learned strengthened my ability to identify more complex chords by ear, removing the mystery when approaching new songs. Unit 7: 9th Chords has brought a new freedom to playing guitar and I would highly recommend it to any player who is stuck, or wants to take the mystery out of complex chords to take your playing to the next level.

- Nick Duchene

This method of guitar study is the best I know. Through slow and deliberate your playing and understanding of the instrument and music will improve. This method has changed how I understand music and has set a clear plan on how to become a complete musician.

- Sean Casserly

Have been reading some of your posts, and enjoying your vibe...Best wishes to you, and thanks for offering a lot of content without a lot of hoops to jump through. Looking forward to learning more from you. – MB

I was a music student at Northwest Missouri State studying vocal performance. For four years I breezed my way through the music curriculum and grew, but felt something was still lacking in my practical understanding of music. In the last two years of studying guitar with Jay, I have learned more about how to apply music theory and the interconnectedness of harmony than I ever did in school!

-Samuel Akers

Jay - I brought my high functioning autistic son to you for his first guitar lesson. As I had warned you, he wanted nothing to do with it. He presented every argument he could think of as to why this was a bad idea. I told him it was not something to be negotiated. We arrived at Guitar Dock and you took him into your room probably recognizing he was a bit put out. I walked up and down the hall sneaking peeks through the window. It never looked good. Mostly I saw you talking and him with a vacant look. I was trying to figure out who to take him to next. Finally the door opened and you told me you thought he might have perfect pitch. He was of course looking very proud but I knew that was not enough to get and keep him interested. Him and I got to the car and he looked at me and said, "Dad, I was really mad at you for springing this on me... but now I need to thank you." I don't know what happened in there, but the next day he was practicing in his bedroom and all of a sudden I hear him shout out, "YES! That is so cool!" So, thank you Jay! Don't know what happened, but he can't wait to come back.

- Scott Bethel

I had practiced guitar for 2 years before  I started with Jay.  In that period I cycled through 3 guitar teachers and 3 hours a day practicing on my own. I bought numerous courses and books on line and still felt I couldn't play guitar. I purchased a course/CD on line in May 2015. The manual stated if I had any questions to email the "seller". I had a question and emailed him.


He got back to me within an hour. We struck up a conversation on line. I described to him my abilities, goals and frustrations with my progress. He gave me the following advice: He told me to put my new course purchase aside and to call/email Jay. He also told me to spend the next 12 months with Jay and ONLY practice what he teaches. My concern was having lessons via skype. He told me that is what he did and it worked for him. I emailed Jay that night and set up my first lesson. It has been 10 months and now I CAN play guitar. I know where all the notes are on the fret board. I am playing chords like Abdim9. And I can play that chord in every key! It is absolutely amazing that I could ever learn how to play this music. I never would have moved past the basics with any of my previous instructors or on my own. If you want to really play guitar, you must seek out Jay. I am on Chapter/Section 5. Jay says that most people quit before #9. I plan on learning from Jay for as long as he will teach me. His rates are very low. Even at that low price, you always get more than you pay for. So, if you are serious, learn from Jay and know that in less than a year you will understand and play music you never could have dreamed of. Jay, THANK YOU!

- Arthur Bernier.

I have been puzzled about the fretboard for decades! I was getting close to understanding the fretboard by looking at books showing the patterns... But your directions are helping me to see, literally, the notes and patterns through the diagrams and for sure in actually practicing them forwards and backwards. Thank you for the most intelligent approach to teaching guitar I have ever encountered!


I was astounded to follow your lessons and reasoning, and find that all of a sudden I could see the fretboard as something intelligible and not as a jumbled mess! I know the circle of fifths because of piano but had never looked at the other way as a circle of fourths and how to apply that to the fretboard! Who teaches that??? Only you!

-Vickie Bliss

Just a line to let you know how much I appreciate your series "Going modal". I followed it from day one and it was your teaching method that helped me to understand modes and play modally.

-Paul Marchant Rejfeldt


Just wanted to say, too, how glad I am to see music theory shared with people who might otherwise never enjoy its utility and elegance. Keep filling those bottles labeled "snake oil" with penicillin, doctor!

-Baehr, Alexandra

Are you serious about guitar? Then Jay is the guy you need. No matter your skill level I am confident he can take you to another level. Highly educated in music theory, Jay is not your typical casual guitar player who teaches on the side - he is the real deal with the goods you are looking for.

- MediaBLITZ74  (Review on Google My Business)

I've had several guitar teachers and Jay EuDaly's Master Guitar Course is easily the most systematized and effective way to learn guitar that I have had. His entire program is very well laid out and thorough and allows you to move through and learn each part sequentially at your own pace without going back and forth, covering old ground or the like which inevitably lead to my abilities plateauing with other teachers. Unit 7 on 9th chords is essential for progressing even further with guitar. I highly recommend it. . Highly recommended!

- Andrew Syrios.

Jay is one of the best guitar players/teachers in Kansas City! Superb player and extremely knowledgeable in music theory which he learned from the late, great John Elliott.

- Earl Steely, guitarist for Funk Syndicate

Jay is an outstanding teacher. He has a superior grasp of the fundamentals. His lessons teach how to play ANY kind of music on the guitar!

- Felix Arnold.

Jay has a defined, proven process for teaching the guitar, applicable to any genre. And, he has the flexibility to customize the instruction to the age, needs or interest of the student. This guy's the real deal, a pros pro.
                                                                                                 - Brian Manning.

Solid teaching. Works with you to meet your needs. My son wants to keep going back, and has become a pretty amazing guitar player, so that sums it up!

- Buffy H.

Master Guitar School has been the best learning experience for guitar I have encountered, Jay is very much a patient master for guitar students.

Thanks, Jay - as always your material and teaching is like parts of the Bible, it's just there in simplest form, beautiful and revelatory, good stuff happens when going from there to other things with it in hand...Thanks again for your materials and putting your creativity out to students in a form that is a blessing.  

- Daniel Green.

Wonderful experience; clear explanations of technique, clear expectations of practice time, friendly, patient and thorough.


- Donley House

"At 50 years old and 30 years of self-taught strumming, I started taking lessons from you. Two years later, I am amazed how much I have learned. I will never be a rock star, but that was never my goal. You only get out what you put in. I don't have the time or energy to take it to that level. But I know how a guitar works now, and I have a much greater appreciation of good music and good musicians. My lesson is a highlight of my week."


- Dean Vermeire

I studied Jay's Vertical Truth method with him for about a year and a half, discontinuing only because I am relocating with a new job. I would highly recommend Jay for anyone who wants to learn the guitar or improve their playing skills. I was self taught with 30 years of playing under my belt and his guidance has improved my skills and made playing much more enjoyable. Jay did not try to make me unlearn 30 years of bad habits, but allowed me to build on my technique with a better understanding the guitar. Just a warning, plan to practice because if you don't he will not let you slide by. A true teacher!


- Phil Klein

Studying with Jay, for a few years, was the single most important, applicable and useful thing I have ever done, in regards to my guitar endeavors. 

- Jeff Wall

I've learned more from Jay in the last 6 months than I have in 12 years of playing. Without Jay I'd still be stumbling along playing the same licks; he's really opened my musical doors up to all kinds of things.


- Jeff Wall

Alex , my son, loves the class techniques and he tells me that he learned more in the past few months than in the last few years.


- Jose Manriquez


I loved the service! Jay taught me when I had 6 years of self-(mis)-taught experience and elevated my skill and understanding immeasurably. Now, 20+ years later, I am using Jay's Vertical Truth method with students of my own. My students thrive by Jay EuDaly's teaching and it also has made my job as a teacher easier, more successful and more rewarding. I would recommend Jay EuDaly enthusiastically to any student or teacher of guitar.


- Patrick Shehane

"As a former student of Jay, I can honestly say his method is the most comprehensive and logical I've ever seen. While teaching different styles and techniques, Jay teaches foundational concepts that work consistently. No matter what style, genre, or level of competency, the Vertical Truth will give you not only the thrill of learning quickly but will give you an unshakeable foundation from which to grow and master the guitar.


- Sam Mier

Jay is an exceptional teacher. Very knowledgeable and very patient.


- Sean Jackson

Jay is a great guitar instructor who really focuses on the fundamentals. He helps you apply music theory to take advantage of the instrument's unique layout and characteristics which you can apply to any style of music. I feel that I have come to a more thorough understanding of the instrument studying with him for a few months than through years of previous private instruction and college classes.


- Tim Reynolds

I have been taking lessons with Jay for over two years. Before that, I tried countless other instructors, books, websites. I always found myself feeling overwhelmed, confused and hopeless. Jay's method has made me feel confident that as long as I put in the practice, I will be able to achieve my goals as a guitar player. The best part of my day is coming home from work practicing the current lesson!


- Dan Novack

Jay is patient as he is knowledgeable. A true master and teacher.


- Martin Olson

There are several things about Jay, his classes and his overall approach that make taking lessons with him great. Mostly I appreciate his experience, patience, availability, and his passion to continually create more ways to consume his content through his website, emails and videos. I would highly recommend Jay to anyone interested in playing and the theories behind it.

- Travis W

I found Jay a little less than a year ago. He has taught my son (11) to play a very wide genre of skillsets, including power chords, major and minor chords, and has taught him specific songs. My son had zero experience going into this. He used my son's interests to guide his teaching curriculum while still maintaining a focus on fundamental knowledge necessary to be a versatile player. He teaches to the individual, rather than having a "one size fits all" approach. His methods are tailored to the individual, and he measures progress based solely on my son's abilities, not in comparison to any other student. When I began looking, I looked at several other instructors in the area as well, and the fee was all about the same across the board - but in truth, I feel like he is a considerably better teacher, fees notwithstanding. I highly recommend him and I will keep my son with him as long as he is still interested. I have even considered going to learn to play myself, if I am ever able to find the time.

- Mark B

Jay is one of the most knowledgeable jazz guitar instructors in town. I have been a student of his for close to ten years, and continue to learn about jazz theory and playing technique. Jay's great for beginners and advanced students who want to take the next step -- I highly recommend him!

- Bert Braud

I've been taking guitar lessons from Jay for about 1&1/2 years! Because of Jay's teaching method and patience, I have more than surpassed all expectations I had about being able to play the guitar. My goals were to learn how to play the guitar if I could and have FUN doing it! Jay's method, 'Vertical Truth' is easy to comprehend and with Jay's help I am playing more songs than I could have ever imagined. Also with Jay's help I have been able to begin transferring what knowledge of music theory I have from playing other instruments to the guitar! Simply put, Jays method of teaching is designed to help each student at their own pace as no two individuals are the same! 'Vertical Truth' is a fabulous way to learn how to play the guitar and Jay is a GREAT teacher! Thanks Jay!!!!👍


- Bonnie Hallier

Baddest teacher ever!


Jay you are the best theory teacher for guitar I've ever met. You taught me so much in just a year of lessons I'm still processing the triads on the first three strings and the triads on 234 and so forth were so valuable.

- Grant Otteson

Honest, creative and cares about his students. A master music theorist, but will teach you a particular song or riff to your liking. 


Jay is a fine player with a superb sense of humor, and if you want to LEARN the guitar, he is the GO TO guy in Kansas City. Ask any seasoned musician and they will tell you. I have first hand experience with Jay and he is remarkable!

I have known Jay EuDaly for approximately 35 years. His ability to play and teach guitar at any level is simply above reproach. His serious and massively effective methods of teaching are outshined only by his kind heartedness and the family man he is in his personal time. I would recommend Jay as an instructor (who offers on-line courses as well) without reservation. I have had the opportunity to observe Jay's professional skills as well as interpersonal style. He is consistently pleasant, and takes on all students with enthusiasm and dedication.


Terry OBrien

Big Bear Productions

Kansas City, MO

I took lessons from you when you were at Dewitt music. Before that I was self taught. Amazing how much one can learn (if you practice) in just a year's worth of lessons. You didn't try to make me a jazz guy, you took me from what I knew to someone who wanted to know more.


- Aaron Brezindine

I loved the service! Jay EuDaly is one of the greats here in Kansas City. If you are lucky enough to get him as a teacher, you will be blessed beyond your dreams.


- Mary Miro

Jay is the best! I don't even think there is a close second. He is in a league of his own!


- James Hester

You used to give me lessons in the early 90's at a guitar shop that was next to K.T. Fryers strip mall in Overland Park. Or was it Shawnee? I really don't remember truth be told, it's been about 25 years. Anyway I just wanted to tell you that you were a fantastic teacher, I practiced everything that you told me about, although I never really had a chance to tell how great of a guitar professor that you really are. Hence this letter. Have a good one, Jay.


- Charlie Carr Jr.

I have been taking lessons for several years and have been very satisfied. Trying to learn on my own did not work for me, but lessons with a great teacher like Jay were exactly what I needed.

- Michael B.

Jay has a deep knowledge of music theory yet presents it in a way that is clearly applicable to the guitar. Don't expect to learn by tablature here (see his anti-tab discussion on his website). Instead, expect to learn in a way that will help you know what you're doing and how to communicate with other musicians playing other instruments.

- Graeme Swallow.

 One of the things I've noticed since my lessons is, since the approach is somewhat linear each block interlocks with the previous block of content. Some would think that this would be constraining but in reality each block adds new freedom and opens the door for greater and greater creativity.

- Sam Mier

I’ve taken 3 of your 5 free online lessons and plan on taking the other two...I’ve learned more in those 3 lessons than many hours on YouTube. They’re really good.


- Bill Foster

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