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3 Ways Master Guitar School Can Help You

Remove the Mystery of the Guitar Fretboard:


Physical Book sales have been discontinued along with the subscribing teacher program. The books are now available as E-Books, i.e. PDF downloads.

For more info and pricing, GO HERE.

Vertical Truth: Chordal Mechanisms for the Guitar is a series of method books that apply the principles of music theory to the guitar. This method does not deal with music theory in the abstract but is guitar-specific. However, the principles learned are universal and can be applied to any instrument.

Vertical Truth is not designed as a "self-teaching" method but requires a knowledgeable instructor.


Instructors can be found in these cities.

To Teachers

If you are a guitar teacher and want more information about the method, my teaching philosophy, and how you can use the method books in your own teaching activities, go here.

All the lesson downloads are PDFs. In general, they consist of explanatory text, graphics (fretboard diagrams, music notation etc.) and links to demonstration videos. I am not in favor of using tab; you can go here for my reasonsThe videos are hosted on Master Guitar School's YouTube channel and are set to "unlisted" - meaning you need the link given in the PDF to access them.


Also, there are many site-based free lessons in the Members Only section of this website. All you have to do to access them is to become a site member. I highly recommend that you sign up by clicking this link for 5 free lessons or the "Sign Up" button below. Sign-up is free. These 5 lessons are the foundation for the whole method and are essential to everything I teach.


I am currently teaching between 40 and 50 private students a week. Most of these lessons are one-on-one, in person. If you are not in the Kansas City area Skype or FaceTime lessons are available. 


Go here to view Lesson Policies and FAQs. These will answer most of your questions.


Check for open lesson slots here. If you want one of those times just contact me and we'll set you up! If there is not an open slot in the time frame you need, contact me to be put on a waiting list.


While you are waiting, I recommend that you sign up as a site member and go through the 5-Lesson Foundational Series. It's all free. Click on the button below and the sign-up form will pop up. After supplying your email and password you will automatically be taken to the 5-Lesson Foundational Series.

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