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Concepts for Basic Improvising

Last week you received 3 emails/videos from Master Guitar School:


In the first video I announced the upcoming release of "Concepts for Basic Improvising" - a 22-lesson series formatted into a PDF download with 56 pages, 160 fretboard diagrams and 31 demonstration video links. I gave you a very quick and dirty version of the first lesson in the series in which I showed you a very simple 4-note area and talked about applying 2 concepts (phrasing and inflection) to those 4 notes that enable you to create real music on the guitar. I explained that, in spite of the quantity of information contained in this lesson series, it's all "basic" because it's pentatonic-scale-based material and pentatonics are the most basic scales in music. Furthermore, I explained that you could do just the first lesson and none of the rest of it and wind up with very usable stuff with which you can make real music. Each lesson is self-contained yet adds one more thing to the previous lesson. You can do as little or as much as you want. Whatever you do, whether little or much, will be very functional and add all kinds of value to your playing.

In the second video, I improvised a 24-bar solo to a backing track using only the 4-note area I showed you in the first video - demonstrating that you can indeed make real music with very minimal content, just by applying the 2 concepts - phrasing and inflection - to the pattern, whatever it may be, from which you are constructing your solo. I also answered the question; Why release a product the content of which I've already given away for free? I gave 3 reasons:


1) Based on several requests from site members to provide all the content in one convenient package, I did an informal survey of some site members and concluded the demand was there to warrant doing so.

2) I have redesigned most of the graphics. Since I was re-encoding the lessons in PDF format I took the opportunity to improve the graphics and some of the explanatory text. The new-and-improved graphics and text are available ONLY in the PDF download, not the webpage-based originals.

3) The vast majority of my current site members were not members 2 years ago - the list has grown about 900% since then, so most members never received some of the earlier lessons in the series.

Besides all that, you never know if/when those free webpage-based originals will go away!

In the third video, I added an octave to each of the 4 notes given in the first video thus doubling the content but the second box thus created is exactly the same fingering as the original. Double the vocabulary, but not double the fingering! Play smarter, not harder! I improvised a solo to a backing track using both positions to demonstrate that even more content can be used with very little adjustment from a technique perspective - all while applying the concepts of phrasing and inflection to make your pattern musical.

I reiterated the announcement from the first video that Concepts for Basic Improvising was going to be released as a downloadable PDF and to watch your inbox for details (how to download, pricing etc). You obviously got that message or you wouldn't be reading this!

I also spoke specifically to you non-site members who saw the videos from last week on various Master Guitar School social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin). I informed you that you would not receive the next message directing you to the product download unless you were site members. Obviously, you signed up or you wouldn't be reading this! Thanks much for signing up!


The retail price for the download is $89.00. For the next 5 days site members can download it for $39.00! That's more than 50% off - 56.2% to be exact! After that it goes public for full price. Even at full price it's still a great deal. This lesson series has 22 lessons. If you were taking one-on-one lessons from me and got through each lesson in a week (few could do that but let's assume 1 lesson = 1 week) you would spend $440.00 for lessons to get the same material!


For the next 5 days - $39.00!

But wait - there's more!

For $59.00 you can get the Concepts for Basic Improvising download AND....the Unit 3: Triads download!

That's Unit 3: Triads for $20.00! 

The Unit 3 download contains:

  • 38 pages divided into 8 lessons

  • 253 fretboard diagrams

  • 21 music notation examples

  • 27 video demonstration links


If you were not a site member this time last year and want to know more about this lesson series on triads you can view the pre-launch videos on Unit 3: Triads from a year ago: 

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

When I launched Unit 3: Triads last year site members paid $39.00 for it. It retails on the website for $79.00. So if you missed out on the Unit 3 launch last year you now have an opportunity to pick it up for a mere $20.00 in combination with the $39.00 for Concepts for Basic Improvising.


If you were taking one-on-one lessons from me and we covered the material in the Triads lesson series it would cost you around $250.00 – assuming 3 months to get through the material; most people take longer. So...

For the next 5 days -

The Concepts for Basic Improvising/Unit 3 Triads Combo Pack is $59.00!

The value of one-on-one lessons for this combo would be $690.00! You pay $59.00!

These prices are good for the 5-day launch period which starts TODAY - Monday, May 15. This window of opportunity will close Friday, May 19 at midnight CST.

The Downloads pages are now live! Take your pick:

Concepts for $39.00
Combo Pack for $59.00

Launch Closes In:

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