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Doug Kleist

Doug started playing guitar in 1959.


He has played in numerous rock and blues bands during the 60's and 70's.


In 1985 he sold his first song to the Nissan Corporation for one of their off-road races, called "Survival is a Knack." He received written, performed and arranged by credits for the song and also received the distinction of Title Track.


He is a member of BMI.


He now is a Worship leader for a recovery program at his church, and is working on a "recovery from addictions" themed album.


His band is 

Doug can be reached by the following means:


Phone: 360-674-7078



Playing with

1980 Fender Strat, re-furbished by Doug

Besides playing the guitar, Doug also builds and repairs acoustic Guitars.


Sitka Spruce & Maple Binding


Bending the Sides of the Guitar

Lacewood Back

Bolt on Mahogany Neck

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