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From A Time-Tested and Proven Method for Mastering the Guitar - Courtesy of

Learn the Foundational Concept That Will Enable You to Master Guitar!

Is the guitar neck a mystery to you? Tired of the hunt-and-peck, trial-and-error approach? Are you beginning to think that there must be a better way?


This FREE 5-lesson series will give you THE foundation from which a complete understanding of the guitar neck derives. You will learn:


  • The names and locations of 12 notes.

  • How to memorize and practice these 12 notes in the most optimum way possible.

  • From these 12 notes you will learn to visualize all other notes on the neck without memorizing every note on every string. You will be able to find ANY note - ANYwhere on the neck!

From these 12 notes all chords, scales, arpeggios, etc. can be visualized.

Click on the button below to get access to your 5 free lessons!

BONUS: The 3rd & 4th lesson include valuable technique tips as well as a video demonstration proving that this is so easy even a 7-year-old can do it!

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