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Bob Horton Testimonials

I began piano lessons with Bob Horton when I was 12 years old. Music theory was central to his lesson plans. Beginning with the first lesson, Bob taught me as much theory as I could understand, at a pace and sequence in which I could grasp it.


Circle of Fifths, transposition, chord structures and progressions - he presented, explained, demonstrated (that was always my favorite part - I SO wanted to play like him!), and made certain I understood each concept. The theory he taught me in my first year of piano when I was twelve enabled me to skip the first semester of college level theory when I decided to seriously pursue piano again as an adult.


Bob's style of theory presentation is clear, and immediately applicable to improvisation and accompaniment.  Even as a beginning piano student I felt comfortable harmonizing the pop and church songs I so longed to play.  As an adult, when I sit down at the piano in the evening and want to play a new song I just heard on the radio or at church that morning, I'm so glad I don't have to wait to buy the sheet music.  I just play!


Dee Dee Gibson
Piano Teacher
Kindermusik Educator
Elementary Tutor

My mother was in comfort care on this date one year ago.  She was surrounded at that point by Leah, Uncle Bill, Aunt Charlotte, Aunt Rosemary, Cousin Pam, and me.  The chaplain was with us for awhile as well.  Pam downloaded Elvis Presley gospel music which we played for Mom into the night.  It was a very emotional yet inspiring situation.  Mother was concerned for others, courageous, and even witty.  She was also faithful…


Mother took her last breath around 1:20 the next day—which was the Wednesday after Easter.  On the Wednesday after Easter this year, Bob Horton, also known as “Mr. Bob”, tuned Mother’s piano at her condo.  Bob taught G5 piano and taught Mother Music Theory for about 1 and ½ years after she moved to Dunedin  He has tuned both of our pianos.  Bob said Mother was always upbeat and positive…and the most encouraging person he had ever met.  I agree.  She had the ability to remember the positive  in everything and had a forgiving heart.


I asked Bob to play Amazing Grace at 1:20.  I then asked him to play How Great Thou Art. You may wish to play these hymns in a quiet and prayerful moment today or tomorrow and reflect on a happy memory or how knowing Mother touched your life. 


- Lisa Etheridge


These folks are special to me and Lisa’s mom studied Elliott’s notes with me.  She was a trained “reading”  pianist when I met her years ago. She told me that studying those theory lessons allowed her to really get free and play tunes (she liked the old jazz standards)  with understanding the chords that went with them.  She even got to where she could improvise a little on them too.  

- Bob Horton

Subject: Music Theory that makes sense


About 20 years ago my children took piano lessons from Bob Horton, whose approach to music theory is like none that I had ever seen before, or since. It was detailed, in-depth, and intense, and my children thought it was fun! I was intrigued. Listening intently as Bob taught my kids, I was learning, too, filling in gaps in my own music education.


Bob was not taking them in baby steps, either. Who would think to start teaching piano lessons with the Circle of Fifths and an introduction to the Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, and Locrian Modes? From Jump Street? To young children with little or no musical background? Bob Horton did. And it was brilliant!


This holistic method of teaching music is organic. It is intuitive, and it makes sense. There is a natural progression that lays a foundation to understand what is coming next, and why, and it takes the drudgery out of music theory.


Bob Horton's teaching method makes learning music more like stepping stones, rather than huge hurdles to scale.


Junetta Smith
Largo, FL

It is exciting and invigorating working with and learning from Bob Horton who is an expert at teaching children and adults as well as being an accomplished guitarist, musician, recording artist and performer.  I have known Bob for over 10 years and have enjoyed his lessons and teaching methods.  He has a vast amount of musical knowledge from theory to performance and teaches a diverse amount of styles and genres.


Michael Levy
Musical Director









12631 Race Track Road
Tampa, Florida 33626
Phone: 813-404-9194


After 10 years of music ministry in the local church, I can definitely say that the training I received from Bob Horton has enabled me to be a well-rounded musician and communicator of music. Not only did his theory training take my keyboard playing to another level, it gave me a whole new ability to train other students how to become better musicians. Playing the keyboard really became fun when I started to understand the theory, patterns, inversions, and progressions in music.


Wes Morris
Lead Pastor

I have enjoyed the harmony lessons I learned shortly after graduating with a degree in music...names of the chords, types of 7th chords, suspensions...many things I did not learn in college. Bob is a very patient teacher and an excellent musician - a really great guy too. He was referred to me by one of the best musicians I know who told me she wished she could have lessons with him. I thought she knew everything there was to know about music, but she felt she could learn a tremendous amount from him so I knew he must be amazing. He is. I am certainly a better performer and church musician because of him.

I wish I took from Bob as a kid. Anyone who does will be outstanding.


- Vickie Garcia

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