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Master Guitar School

What Are the Benefits Of Being A Master Guitar School Site Member?

  • Free Lessons: As of now, I count over 70 lessons on the Free Lessons page that are accessible only to site members. New free lessons are being added on a regular basis.

  • Monthly Newsletter: A newsletter is mailed out to site members the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Most newsletters contain a free lesson not previously published - it's a brand new lesson every month, for free; but only to site members.

  • Members-Only Discounts: As a site member you have access to the Members-Only Discounts on all downloads. This discount is 50% off of the retail price. Also, members get access to the time-sensitive launch-only prices which are LOWER than the 50% Members-Discounts!

  • Priority when scheduling lessons: My time for one-on-one lessons and Skype consults is limited but Site Members will have priority when it comes to scheduling one-on-one, in-person guitar lessons or personal Skype lessons/Consults with me.

  • Blog: Although it's available to all, check out the blog; there's lots of stuff there. Anything guitar-related; Gear, Philosophy, Stories, Rants, Free Lessons - all kinds of stuff. The blog is very active, I try to publish a new blog every week. The blogs with Free Lessons are here.

I'm Interested - What Should I Do Next?

More Questions? Contact me - let's talk!

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