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Download Unit 4: 7th Chords AND Unit 5: 7th Inversions!


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Check out the videos below if you want to know more!


Want to learn some 7th chords? Check out

these short videos and get a ton of free content!

Part 1: 5 types of 7th chords in 3 positions = 15 chord shapes!

Part 2: Songs: 7th chords in the Doobie Bros, Beatles, Incubus, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Jazz Standards & more!

Part 3: More info


What are inversions?

A chord with any of its notes in the bass other than the root.

How are they used?

1) Create more variety when playing a single chord:

2: Create texture when 2 guitars are playing together.

3: Create smooth voice leading.

4: Key Scheme demonstration

Unit 4: 7th Chords

7th Chords occur in all styles of music. All forms of Pop, Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz - any style you want to play, knowledge of 7th chords is necessary. The more you know about 7th chords, the better off you'll be!

This lesson series on 7th Chords consists of a PDF that contains:


  • 29 pages divided into 11 lessons

  • 93 fretboard diagrams

  • 17 music notation examples

  • 20 demonstration video links with 100's of embedded dynamic fretboard diagrams.


The content in this lesson series contains:


  • 5 types of 7th chords: Major, Dominant, Minor, Half-Diminished & Full-Diminished

  • Dominant and Minor Suspensions

  • Major and Minor 6th Chords including their inversions. 

  • All positions - that's 3 different positions on the neck for all the above - in every key.

If you were taking one-on-one lessons from me and we covered the material in this lesson series it would cost you around $250.00 – assuming 3 months to get through the material; most people take longer.

Want to get an idea of what this lesson series looks like? Check out the video:

5-Lesson Foundational Series

Learn the Foundational Concept that will enable you to Master Guitar!

Is the guitar neck a mystery to you?​ Tired of the hunt-and-peck, trial-and-error approach?​ Are you beginning to think that there must be a better way?

There is!

This 5-lesson series will give you THE foundation from which a complete understanding of the guitar neck derives. You will learn:

  • The names and locations of 12 notes

  • How to memorize and practice these 12 notes in the most optimum way possible.

  • From these 12 notes you will learn to visualize all other notes on the neck without memorizing every note on every string. You will be able to find ANY note, anywhere!

  • From these 12 notes all chords, scales, arpeggios, etc. can be visualized.

All lessons from Master Guitar School presuppose these 5 lessons.

Unit 5: 7th Inversions

This product is a PDF download that contains:

  • 10 Lessons

  • 53 Pages

  • 237 Fretboard Diagrams

  • 60 Notation Examples

  • 51 Demonstration Video Links


PLUS...Every demonstration video has dozens of embedded dynamic fretboard diagrams.


Want to know what all the above looks like? Check out this video:

What are inversions and how are they used?

An inversion is a chord with any other note of the chord but the root in the bass. 

Inversions have many uses. For example:

  • 7th Inversions are used is to create more variety when playing a single chord.


This comes in very handy when playing any song that sits on one chord for a while, like a Blues where you have one chord for 4 bars. Think about what piano players play. They don't just play the same static thing for 4 bars - they change up the voicing and move things around. Very few guitar players do that.

You can put yourself in a rare category of guitar playing by knowing 7th Inversions!

  • Another way inversions can be used is to create texture when 2 guitars are playing together. Each guitar can play a different voicing of the same chord rather than both guitarists playing exactly the same thing all the time.


There is a wide variety of sounds and textures that can be achieved this way -


But you have to know your inversions in order to know the possibilities!

  • A third use for inversions is to create smooth voice-leading from one chord to another.

When you play power chords and bar chords by moving the same chord shape around the fretboard your using what's called, "parallel voice-leading." That's the way most guitarists play. Using inversions when playing a chord progression creates a smoother, less jarring sound and causes the least amount of movement from one chord to the next.

Knowing 7th inversions will take your playing to a whole new level of musicality and open up sounds that set you apart!

Offer Expires In:

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