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Shawn Kasten

Charleston, West Virginia





Beginners to Advanced!
All Styles, All ages!

We teach guitar like you want to learn guitar, 
We don't spend time on scales and reading music, 
We simply teach you how to play the guitar and how to learn on your own.

Over the course of your training you will:


learn the parts of the guitar
learn the names of all the notes on the neck of the guitar
learn every chord possible in several places on the neck
learn what notes sound good together, and which ones don't, and why
learn how to put notes together to make chords
learn how to put chords together to make songs
learn how to put lyrics with your chords
learn how to put lead guitar solos and riffs in your songs

and much more!


you will also:


write a song on your first day of lessons!
write a new song or new parts to a song every week!
create drum tracks for your new songs!
record your own cd of your own songs!
get the chance to play your songs live at an open mic!


We teach you at your pace, and help you along every step of the way.


We are affiliated with Vertical Truth guitar instructors


We are the most efficient, streamlined guitar lessons you will find, and
We are the most economical lessons you will find around at just 
$15 for half an hour or $20 for a full hour. 


We want you to succeed in your goals of playing the guitar for yourself!


We want you to learn how to think about music 
understand the way the guitar neck is laid out 
so that you can apply your knowledge.


Then you won't need us anymore.

contact us at 304.550.7098 and leave a message


or email us at

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