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Teachers Edition

All 10 Units bound together in one book.


Retail: $52.50   (198 pages)

This method is the culmination of over 40 years of playing, performing, studying, teaching and thinking about the guitar. It begins with the most fundamental concepts of music theory, applies them to the guitar, and systematically leads the student from the Blues and Triads, through 7ths, 9ths, altered 9ths and beyond, culminating in Altered Dominant Bitonals. A rigorously systematic approach, it nevertheless is guitar-centric in its application of musical principles.


Designed to be used under a competent instructor, it is Jay's answer to the poorly designed, disorganized, "shotgun blast" approach of many of the guitar methods on the market today. Jay has maintained 60 to 90 students a week since the mid eighties and his success in this area speaks for itself. He has built and continues to add to a national network of teachers that are incorporating his books into their own programs.

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This book is a goldmine of uniquely guitaristic chord voicings. The word, "unique" in the subtitle refers to a chord that is available in one position in a single key. With examples drawn from his own writing and recordings as well as popular Rock and Pop tunes, Jay leads the student from physically easy chords that can nevertheless be harmonically complex to finger stretching voicings that you've never heard before! These chords are one of the things that gives Jay's playing its own unique character. There is a multitude of chord diagrams - no note reading is required. (23 pages)


Sample Pages

Retail: $13.68



The individual units of Vertical Truth: Chordal Mechanisms for the Guitar are available as separate books. Most of Jay's students buy the individual books as they progress through the method.

Unit 1:
The Basics

(16 pages)

Retail: $12.80


1st Position Chords

Technique Exercises

Notes on the Dots

Add C and F to Dotnotes

Key Circle

Power Chords

Open String Power Chords


Bar Chords


Suspended Bar Chords

1st Position Suspensions


Unit 2: The Blues

(19 pages)

Retail: $14.00

The Shuffle Pattern & the 12 Bar Pattern

Minor Pentatonic Scales

Add Shifts to the Minor Pentatonic Patterns

Add Passing Tones

Minor Box & the Octave Pattern

Shifting Pentatonics

Minor Boxes in G

Blues in Open E

Turnarounds Unique to the Key of E

Blues in Open A

Dominant Blues

Minor Blues

Open String Keys, Part 2

Relative Harmony

Dorian Mode

Double Stops


Unit 3:

(22 pages)

Retail: $17:00

Theory & Major Triads

Progression #1

Progression #2

Minor Triads

Triads in Bar Chord Shapes

Diminished Triads

Augmented Triads

Scale Tone Triads in Root Position

Scale Tone Triads in 1st and 2nd Inversions

Scale Tone Triads Across the Neck

Triad Suspensions

Combined Shapes

Add Notes to the Large Triad Patterns

Triads on the 3rd and 4th String Sets

Scale Tone Triads on the 3rd and 4th String Sets

Triads in the Blues


Unit 4:

7th Chords

(24 pages)

Retail: $15.40

Note Reading




Scale Tone 7ths





Altered Scale Tone 7ths

Chromatic Scale Tone 7ths &
Altered Chromatic Scale Tone 7ths

Thoughts on 6th Chords

6th Chords - Root Position and 1st Inversion - Notation

6th Chords - Root Position and 1st Inversion - Shapes

3 Position Exercises

6th Chords - 2nd and 3rd Inversion - Notation

6th Chords - 2nd and 3rd Inversion - Shapes

Thoughts on the Following Exercises

Position Exercises - 6ths

Suspensions - Notation

Suspensions - Shapes

Unit 5:
7th Inversions

Retail: $17.40

Unit 5 - 7th Inversions


7th Arpeggios - Major, Dominant, Minor - Notation

7th Arpeggios - Major, Dominant, Minor - Shapes

7th Arpeggios - Half Diminished, Full Diminished - Notation

7th Arpeggios - Half Diminished, Full Diminished - Shapes

3 Ways to View Inversions

1st Inversion - Notation

1st Inversion - Shapes

2nd Inversion - Notation

2nd Inversion - Shapes

3rd Inversion - Notation

3rd Inversion - Shapes

Position Exercise

Full Diminished 7ths

Common Tone 7ths

Four Common Key Schemes

1) Whole Tone

2) Chromatic

3) Minor 3rds

4) Cycle

Dominant Cycle

Turning the Inversion - 1

Turning the Inversion - 2

Inverted Suspensions

Unit 6:
7th Voicing

(31 pages)

[Note: Units 5 and 6 are bound together in one book.]

Unit 6 - 7th Voicing

7th Voicing

Position Exercise

Scalewise Basses

Scalewise Basses - Added Melody

Leaping Basses

Leaping Basses- Added Melody

Walking Bass Lines


Unit 7:
9th Chords

(20 pages)

Retail: $12.60

9th Chords

Adding Non-Essentials in Voiced Positions

9th Inversions

2 Other Ways to View 9th Inversions

Position Exercise

Common Tone 9ths

Dominant Cycle

6-9 Chords

Altered Dominant 9ths - Single Alterations

1) Flat 9

2) Sharp 9 - page 1

    Sharp 9 - page 2

3) Dominant Sharp 5 and

4) Dominant Flat 5

Altered Dominant 9ths - Double Alterations

1) Dominant Flat 9, Sharp 5 and

2) Dominant Sharp 9, Sharp 5

3) Dominant Flat 9, Flat 5 and

4) Dominant Sharp 9, Flat 5

Dominant 9-13 Cycle

Dominant Cycle with Alterations - p.1

Dominant Cycle with Alterations - p.2

9th Suspensions

13th Suspensions

Unit 8: Bitonals
Major and Dominant

(9 pages)

Retail: $8:64

Major Bitonals


2-Chord Patterns

Combination Pattern

Dominant Bitonals

Non-Suspended Group

Suspended Group

2-Chord Patterns


Unit 9: Altered
Dominant Bitonals

(24 pages)

Retail: $12.60

Note for Unit 9

Sharp 5

Sharp 5 - 2-Chord Patterns

Flat 9

Flat 9 - 2-Chord Patterns

Flat 9, Flat 5

Flat 9, Flat 5 - 2-Chord Patterns

Sharp 5, Flat 9

Sharp 5, Flat 9 - 2-Chord Patterns

Sharp 9

Sharp 9 - 2-Chord Patterns

Sharp 5, Sharp 9

Sharp 5, Sharp 9 - 2-Chord Patterns

Sharp 11

Sharp 11 - 2-Chord Patterns

Sharp 9, Sharp 11

Sharp 9, Sharp 11 - 2-Chord Patterns

Sharp 11, 13

Sharp 11, 13 - 2-Chord Patterns

Flat 9, 13

Flat 9, 13 - 2-Chord Patterns

Flat 9, Sharp 11, 13

Flat 9, Sharp 11, 13 - 2-Chord Patterns

Unit 10:

Bitonals - Melodic

(23 pages)

Retail: $13.68

Major - Lydian II

Major - Lydian III

Major - Lydian V

Major - Lydian VI

Major - Lydian VII

Major - 2-Chord Patterns

Dominant - Mixolydian V

Dominant - Mixolydian VI

Dominant - Mixolydian II

Dominant - Mixolydian VII

Dominant - 2-Chord Patterns

Altered Dominants

Sharp 5

Flat 9

Flat 9, Flat 5

Sharp 5, Flat 9

Sharp 9

Sharp 5, Sharp 9

Sharp 11

Sharp 9, Sharp 11

Sharp 11, 13

Flat 9, 13

Flat 9, Sharp 11, 13

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