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To Former Students

This blog post is to let you know that in 2014 I decided to make a move into an online-based teaching business model. I do not intend to quit teaching personal students, but I feel like the business model of teaching 80 students a week out of a local music store is going away – maybe not completely – but it is certainly contracting. I want 15 or 20 (at least) more years of relevance and that means adapting the method to an online environment.

Since you have studied with me in the past I thought you might be interested in checking this out. I'm in the process of rewriting/reformatting my method book, Vertical Truth: Chordal Mechanisms for the Guitar, into PDF downloads to be launched one Unit at a time as I release them, starting with Unit 3: Triads. Each PDF contains:

  • Dozens of pages

  • Hundreds of fretboard diagrams

  • Dozens of music notation examples

  • Dozens of demonstration video links.

My teaching website,, has been redesigned to reflect the shift away from the physical books and towards the digital product downloads.

If you go to the website, you'll notice a Login/Sign up button. If you are at all interested in revisiting what you learned (and more!) when you took guitar lessons from me, I encourage you to sign up and become a site member. It's completely free, all you have to do is give me your email – and I've already got that or you wouldn't be reading this right now! If you are a site member you will have access to dozens of free lessons already posted, plus, when a new unit is released site members only will be able to get it at a massively discounted price (50% or more) the first week it's released - before it goes up on the site at full price. That's a pretty sweet deal! In addition to all that, I send out a newsletter to site members every so often and most of those newsletters contain a free lesson!

To reiterate:

  • Becoming a site member is absolutely FREE.

  • As a site member you have access to dozens of FREE lessons hosted on the website.

  • You will receive the newsletter – which usually contains a brand-new lesson – for FREE!

  • AND - you will be able to purchase the Vertical Truth downloads at a massively discounted price as they become available.

Thank you for taking lessons from me in the past and I hope to connect with you in the future through



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