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7th Chords Launch!

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

This blog post is for the purpose of communication between myself and people who are interested and have questions about the launch of Unit 4: 7th Chords. The launch will begin the first week of December.

Let's have a "launch conversation!"

  • If you're not a site member and want in on the ridiculously low introductory price then just sign up here!

7th chords occur in all styles of music. All forms of Pop, Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz - any style you want to play, knowledge of 7th chords is necessary. The more you know about 7th chords, the better off you'll be!

This product is a PDF download that contains:

The content in this lesson series covers:

  • Major, Dominant, Minor, Half-Diminished & Full-Diminished.

  • Dominant 7 Suspensions and Minor 7 Suspensions are included.

  • Major and Minor 6th Chords are also covered including their inversions. 

  • All positions - that's 3 different positions on the neck for all the above - are applied to every key.

  • Several common 7th chord progressions are given in every position in every key

After you master the material in Unit 4 there will be no more mystery to root position 7th chords! (7th inversions and other 7th voicings will be dealt with in future releases.)

Here's the promo video - it will give you an idea of what the PDF looks like:

So...what do you want to know about 7th chords? What do you want to know about this lesson series? I want to hear from you! Leave your questions and comments in the "comments" section below. Talk to me! I'll talk back, I promise!

P.S. Please share this with anyone you think might be interested by using the social media links below - thanks!

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Jay EuDaly
Jay EuDaly
Dec 24, 2017

Thanks to all who bought! Three things:

1) There is a mistake on page 4 of the PDF. I sent out an email to all who bought that contained a link to a free updated PDF. If you didn't see that (there are at least 3 customers who didn't open the update email or the 2nd send of the update email) please contact me and I'll send you the update. Also some of you opened the email but did not avail yourself of the update. It's free! Plus I don't like the idea of my mistake existing forever in digital-media-land!

2) I will send a free bonus video to all who bought just as soon as I can get it…


Jay EuDaly
Jay EuDaly
Dec 08, 2017

Franck Brichet: Great question! In the video on Wednesday I demonstrated the use of 7th chords in 9 different popular songs. There is not a video like that in the unit itself. BTW - that video got flagged for copyright by YouTube just for the few seconds of each recording I used.

However, there are several common progressions included such as II-V-I and I-VI-II-V-I that occur often in songs. As you know, I use the Real Book with personal students when applying these chords to songs.

I will produce a video applying these chords to some tunes from the Real Book and offer that as a free bonus to everyone who purchases Unit 4.

Unfortunately, I won't include original recordings…


Dec 08, 2017

Hi Jay, I am excited about the launch of this unit! I took these lessons with you several years ago but haven't practiced much so it's old and rusty in my mind and on my playing. This will be an great refresher! Quick question: in this unit do you have a video in which you show real songs that use what you teach? I like to practice by applying what I learn by playing over real songs. Thanks for what you do. It's really awesome!!

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