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Master Guitar School Newsletter: February 2019

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

The lesson this month is the 21st lesson in this FREE series called, Unique Chord Voicings. It continues the concept of adding a note on the 2nd string to an Open or Close-voiced chord - which is usually some kind of 5th on a 6th-string root and some kind of 9th on the 5th-string root.

If that were all that's happening the chords would be fairly common. BUT...when you add the 1st string OPEN there are some beautiful and unusually voiced chords (thus the term "Unique") that result. Also some dissonant and ugly sounding chords as well. BTW - ugly-sounding, dissonant chords are just as necessary as beautiful-sounding ones.

This free lesson has explanatory text, 40 fretboard diagrams and a 7-minute-plus demonstration video with dynamic fretboard diagrams embedded.

Here's a 44-second PROMO for this specific lesson - check it out if you're curious.

(You must be a Site Member and logged-in to view.)

If you're a new site member go to Altered States - Unique Voicings to get an idea of what the heck I'm talking about.

All 20 of the previous lessons in the Unique Voicings series are available on the FREE LESSONS page of the website (you must be a Site Member and logged-in to view).

New Beginner-type Stuff for the Newsletter?

I'm planning on 6 or 8 more lessons in this Unique Voicings series and then we'll be on to something else as far as the free lessons via this newsletter are concerned. I'm thinking of doing my unique and methodical take on some beginner and intermediate-type stuff; 1st position chords, bar chords, the 12-Bar Blues - etc. Let me know what you think. Would you like to see something like that?

Unit 5 Launch Coming Up!

The launch for the next Unit of Vertical Truth is Unit 5: 7th Inversions. That will be launched in April probably. Stay tuned for more info coming your way in the March Newsletter. In the meantime,

Blogs Published Since the Last Newsletter

Master Guitar School's YouTube Channel

I'm moving slow on this track but I'm going to start leveraging Master Guitar School's YouTube channel. In the past I've used it strictly as the platform for the teaching videos. Most of the videos are set to "unlisted" - meaning they are not visible and don't show up in searches - you have to access them from the website or from the links in the PDF downloads.

I'm going to start making some videos public. They will be organized as playlists. The first playlist that I've set to "public" is the What's Wrong With My Hand? series on technique issues. Check it out.



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