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Add 9ths to Cowboy Chords

In this video I'm going to show you some Unique Voicings derived from a few 1st-position chords you may already know. The strategy for finding these particular Unique Voicings is this; most of these chords you already know have a root in the middle of the chord. Double-sharp that root. That gives you a 9th – the 9th is the octave of the 2nd, which is the double-sharped root.

The added 9th in the middle of the chord gives it a different sound or texture. It's one way I play typical songs that use 1st-position chords and make them sound different – hipper – it gives my versions of typical songs a “unique” quality, as it were.

This is the 2nd video of 3 that preview the release of a new lesson series, "Unique Chord Voicings" to be launched May 18th. It's a PDF download with 32 lessons in 155 pages. The lessons include explanatory text, over 1300 fretboard diagrams and 35 videos.

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