Is the Guitar Fretboard a Mystery to You?

Tired of the hunt-&-peck, trial-&-error, random YouTube approach?


Are you beginning to think there must be a better way?

  • How about the latest cool song that you’re into? Can you figure it out on your own or do you have to laboriously work through a tab chart you got online that you hope is correct? (It’s probably not.)

  • Have you ever sat in a music theory class wondering what the rules of the four-part Bach chorale style have to do with the guitar?

  • Have you ever heard some awesome guitarist play and wondered how anybody could know so many chords?


  • Or what bizarre scale is he using that sounds so cool?

  • Do you understand this symbol? 

- or does it look like some kind of calculus problem?

My name is Jay EuDaly and I've been a professional, full-time guitarist for over 50 years. My method, Vertical Truth: Chordal Mechanisms for the Guitar, can help you remove the mystery.

What makes my method any different from the plethora of guitar education websites out there peddling guitar lessons? Well, if you really want the complete answer to that question, read A Little Story. It will give you the detailed history of this unique, time-tested & proven method, and why I am the guy to lead you through it.

The short answer is that this method takes you step-by-step through about 1,000 years of music theory evolution and APPLIES IT TO THE GUITAR. As a result of doing this - not just understanding, but DOING - many things happen automatically;


  • you gain a complete understanding of the guitar fretboard,

  • you learn how to think about music and the guitar, 

  • you develop good technique and

  • you train your ear 

 - to name just a few things that happen organically as you work your way through this method.

You can then apply your knowledge


To get started, take these first few steps: 

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  • Master the first 2 Major Scale patterns given here. There are 6 Major Scale patterns given in this lesson but only the first 2 are required to get started. 

  • Communicate with me. Let me know what you'd like to see as far as lessons go. My agenda is to rewrite and format my method book, Vertical Truth: Chordal Mechanisms for the Guitar, into PDF/video downloads. That process is underway. You can see what's currently available in the column to the right (or below if you're viewing this page on your phone). I'm also open to doing one-off lessons on any guitar-related subject you want, in any format you want (video, PDF, webpage etc.).

  • Read the Blog. Blog categories include: Free Lessons, Technique, Music Theory, Stories, Philosophy, Questions and Answers, Rants and Musings, Product Announcements, Gear and more!

The guitar has been a Grand Obsession of mine for over 50 years. I love everything about it. I've been a full-time professional performing musician since the early seventies. I've taught 50-100 personal students a week since the early eighties.


I know what it takes to play, teach and learn. I'm passionate about playing as well as helping people obtain the priceless value that I've received from music and the guitar.

Is the guitar fretboard a mystery to you? 

I can help.


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The Process

Reasons to Study Guitar

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January 18, 2021: Jam Tales: The Incredible Flying Mic. This story is about singer Jim LaForte. He had one of the most authentic R&B voices of anyone I've heard. A whole book could be written about him; he was one of those characters who was surrounded by chaos and drama, most of it his own doing.


January 13, 2021: January Newsletter: FREE lesson on the Minor Blues, blog links and more!

January 4, 2021: Blog: Quick & Dirty 9th Chords: In this installment of “Quick & Dirty” we’re going to deal with 3 types of 9th chords. A 9th can be added to anything but most commonly it’s added to Major 7 (Cmaj9), Dominant 7 (C9) and Minor 7 (C-9) chords.

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