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First World Problems (Scambot!)

Welp, I have achieved a milestone with The website is now big enough that the scambot algorithms are noticing! It's kind of an inverted Social Proof.


First thing is I received an email from a Site Member who had commented on a blog. He received a "like" to his comment and wanted to know if I knew anything about it:


I didn't know anything about it and deleted it from the blog page. Later the same day I get this Site Member sign up notification:


Well, that looks familiar! I immediately deleted this "Site Member" from the list.

Then 7 minutes later I get this:


This rat-bastard scambot had managed to "comment" on 15 different blogs before I deleted it. The "comments" were the same thing as the "name,"

"Invest $150 to get $5k5 in 2hr Ask ne how : +(314) 467-0369":

Does the idea occur to you that English might not be this guy's native language? Yeah, me too. Or maybe he was in a hurry? Or too busy to proofread? I would highly recommend you NOT call that number.

I went through each blog and deleted the "comment." That took a minute or two, not to mention it's freaking annoying!

Then, the NEXT day I get this:


As you can see by the lower circled notification, when 2 people sign up the same day the notification groups them together into one notice. When multiple people sign up in a day it will say "So-and-so and 5 other people are now members of Master Guitar School."

So when I deleted the scambot from site membership, that didn't carry over into the notifications. Jayquan Williams had the bad luck of signing up the same day the scambot did.

I mistakenly conflated "Jaquan Williams" and "Invest $150..." and immediately deleted Jayquan, a legitimate site member, from site membership. I was able to retrieve Jayquan's email and send a personal apology and an incentive to sign up again. I hope he does.

First world problems, man!

Why are the scambots now targeting me?

Because my site membership has grown past a certain threshold.

Why has my site membership grown past a certain threshold?

See below.


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