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Concepts for Comping

Free Lesson: Concepts for Comping - Lesson 3

Now that we have a vocabulary of Open and Close voiced chords, we can do something practical; like apply them to a 12-Bar Blues.

We'll do a Blues in Bb - a 6th-string key, and a Blues in D - a 5th-string key.

Plus there's some links in the lesson to more Blues-related stuff based on Open and Close Voicing for FREE.

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Thoughts on the Facebook Crash

In case you didn't know, Facebook was down for two or 3 hours on March 5. This underscores WHY I think it's so important that I do what's going on here with all y'all.

Master Guitar School has a pretty widespread social media footprint, but I am not dependant on social media to communicate with you guys, nor you to communicate with me. All my social media accounts exist to funnel interested people to

Facebook could go away entirely and I would still be able to "socialize" with you.

You may or may not remember that there was a more serious crash of Facebook on October 4th, 2021. It was down for most of a day that time.

That crash happened at a time when I was in the pre-launch phase of a major promotion. I wrote a blog about how much it affected me, which is, "not much."

The latest crash just underscores the continuing relevance of the business model that I defined in that blog.

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Blogs Published Since Last Newsletter

Republished: Easy Lesson: The Aeolian/Dorian Distinction: Chances are, you’re somewhat confused by the whole modal-theory thing; Rather than go through a lengthy explanation of what modes are and where they come from, I’m going to approach this from a more limited and practical viewpoint. I am starting from something simple and easy to understand, the Minor Pentatonic Scale.

First World Problems (Scambot!): Welp, I have achieved a milestone with The website is now big enough that the scambot algorithms are noticing! It’s kind of an inverted Social Proof. Yay.

Guitar the Hard Way: You”ll never know what you don’t know.


Tune of the Month

This is a rerecording of the title track to my first (1991) commercially released album, "Industrial Moon."

Here's a review: "This recording features nine stylistically diverse instrumental tracks. From the rocked-out title track to the reggae feel of "How Long" to the classical stylings of "The Jewel" and the Latin-influenced jazz of "Los Niños de mi Casa," this recording is a showcase for Jay's virtuosity. Impressive writing as well as blistering performances mark this debut by one of Kansas City's premiere guitarists."

Unfortunately, this album is out of print. Nevertheless, Industrial Moon.


How About 5 FREE Lessons?

The 5-Lesson Foundational Series teaches the Circle of Keys as an organizational mechanism by which you ensure that whatever you learn is drilled in every key in all possible positions. It also gives you a method to find any note, anywhere, without memorizing note names on every string. That is a beautiful thing!

You can download the 5-Lesson Foundational Series right here for free (a $39 value) with no further obligation or commitment.



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