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Announcing the Launch of Unit 6: 7th Voicing!

We’re going to take a break from the Going Modal series because this month’s newsletter will be devoted to the launch of Unit 6: 7th Voicing. Yes, I finally pulled the trigger!


From a Reddit thread:

Looking for a good book of standards of chord-melody stuff for intermediate guitar. Struggling to find a good songbook of chord-melody guitar for the experienced but not professional guitarist. I see some on Amazon, but reviews seem mixed.

I have a better idea; instead of learning chord-melody arrangements by rote, why not invest a little time and effort (and way less money!) learning the theory behind creating chord-melody arrangements for the guitar in the first place? Then you can CREATE your own arrangements!

Why limit yourself to googling for a chord-melody arrangement for this song or that song when you can create your own for any song?

Yes, you can create your own chord-melody arrangements! It's way easier than you think! Now, when I say, “...a little time and effort” I mean exactly that. A PDF with only 11 lessons in 22 pages. Work through it and you will understand the basics of chord-melodies.

Don’t waste time learning arrangements by rote. I call that, “random acquisition” and it’s an extremely inefficient way to learn. You will have gaps and you’ll never know what you don’t know.

For information on what 7th voicings are, how they're used in relation to creating chord melodies and what the lessons look like, check out the video below:


P.S. Look for another blog in a couple of days. I’m going to show you 8 different chords that will give you a foundation for chord melodies! For FREE! Watch for it!

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