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Going Modal - Context!

September 2021 Newsletter

Now I'm going to present the modes in the way that they're normally taught. This “modal theory” is necessary in order to fully understand how to use these modes but, in my opinion, starting from this point is confusing and is the cause of much of the frustration I see among guitar students concerning this subject.

If, however, you have learned the modes in the way that I've heretofore presented, this “modal theory” is merely a unifying concept that is much easier to grasp than if you start cold with it.

If you need to review previous lessons, they can be found on the FREE LESSONS page of the Members Only section of the website.

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Unit 6 Launch!


I'm actually working on the content for the launch of Unit 6: 7th Voicing.

Knowing how to create chord melodies is the main focus of this brand-new lesson series!

Shooting to launch in late October - that's next month!

One of the main reasons I created in the first place was to serve as a host for the re-creation of my method book, Vertical Truth: Chordal Mechanisms for the Guitar in a digital medium.

As I said in A Little Story (Part 3), "The challenge of adapting this method to an online, en masse environment is something I'm excited to try. I believe in this method – I've used it and refined it for more than 40 years in my own performing and teaching activities – and I believe it deserves to be preserved and have wider exposure…"

The upcoming launch of Unit 6: 7th Voicing is the next step in that process.

The launch will go out to Site Members only!


Blogs Published Since Last Newsletter

(Blogs are open to all; site membership not required)

The Tritone Substitution (1): The more you alter a Dominant chord, the more like its Tritone it becomes.

The Tritone Substitution (2): The Tritone Substitution concept can be applied to any chord progression that moves cyclically, that is, a cycle of 4ths.

The Tritone Substitution (3): In this lesson I’m going to talk about what to play as a guitarist relative to Tritone Subs when there’s a bassist in the mix. I’ll use the I-VI-II-V Turnaround to illustrate.

Republished What's Wrong With My Hand? Disordered Placement: A split second of time can make all the difference.


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P.S. The launch of Unit 6 will be preceded by a couple of preview blogs. Watch for those in just a couple of weeks!


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