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Going Modal! Diminished

The Diminished Scale

The Diminished Scale, like the Augmented Scale that we covered in last months' lesson, is symmetrical. That means it has a repeating pattern of intervals. The diminished formula is: whole-step, half-step, whole-step, half-step...and so on.

The symmetry of the scale formula translates to a symmetrical pattern on the fretboard. Any note can be considered the root if it is followed by a whole-step to the next note.

Additionally, I find Diminished 7 arpeggios very useful, so I include them in this lesson. Since an arpeggio consists of the chord tones, a short section on Diminished chords is necessary.

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Tune of the Month

How about a cover?

"Jeannine" is a jazz standard written by Duke Pearson and Oscar Brown. This version is from my Channeling Harold CD (released in 2001) featuring Rich VanSant on Hammond B3 and Kevin Johnson on drums. Rich has retired but I still perform with Kevin a couple of times a month.

Jeannine is a burner!



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