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Updated: Jun 11, 2019

It has occurred to me that the record of the 2019 trip to India to receive my adopted grandson Dax is preserved mostly on FaceBook. Do I trust FaceBook? No. Everything on the internet can be deleted. FaceBook seems permanent now but in a few years (or months!) it could be an anachronism. When FaceBook goes down where will all the pictures, posts, and memories be? Gone forever.

So I copied all the posts and pictures from my FaceBook page to this blog. I copied only the comments that served some educational, humorous or narrative purpose; therefore most of the comments are not preserved. Posting the names of those who commented without their permission didn't feel right, even though FaceBook is a public forum. Therefore I did not identify the author of any comment other than myself, or immediate family members. Also, there are a couple of pictures that were not on my FaceBook feed but are from my personal texts.

April 16, 2019

Goodbye, Kansas City. Hello, Toronto. #masterguitar #masterguitarschool

Kansas City


April 17, 2019

Goodbye, Toronto. Hello, Frankfurt. #masterguitar #masterguitarschool



April 18, 2019

Jay EuDaly is in Bangalore, India.

Good morning, Bangalore. That was an interesting ride last night. #masterguitar #masterguitarschool #indiaisatrip


April 18, 2019

Alex DeGrassi’s “Slow Circle” is playing in the hotel restaurant in Bangalore. I love music! #indiaisatrip

Hotel Restaurant in Bangalore

April 18, 2019


Hotel room bathroom in Bangalore