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January 2021-Minor Blues


As of now, this will be the last free lesson to Site Members from the series on the Blues. The lessons will soon be bundled together in a PDF and offered as a download.

The lessons on the Blues from the last few months put together with Concepts for Basic Improvising constitute Unit 2 of Vertical Truth: Chordal Mechanisms for the Guitar - Unit 2: The Blues.

I'll put together some kind of package deal that will include both products.

In the meantime, this months' lesson is on the Minor Blues. Full Disclosure: there is some redundancy with this lesson and one lesson out of 22 in Concepts for Basic Improvising. This lesson has more detail in terms of the chordal variations that can occur. So...

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Welcome New Site Members!

Last month I told you about how my friend, mentor and colleague in the world of online guitar teaching, Kenny Salter, retired from his online teaching business and bequeathed me his list.

The initial promotion to that list has completed and consequently we have a ton of new Site Members! Yay! is growing!


Blogs Published Since Last Newsletter

Texas Shuffle Applied to Jazz: How I merged two disparate styles of playing in an unpremeditated, organic way.

The FaceBook Group, "Guitar Cosmos" shared this blog saying,

"Some interesting and original ideas about a different kind of fusion."

Jam Tales: Wilbert Longmire: I can always spot guys like that by the way they watch me - I know 'cause I've been the wanna-be guitarist watching many times.

How to Practice: Understanding something and being able to do it are different things. Is there a shortcut? Yes, there is. This is it! Any other way will take longer!

Quick & Dirty 9th Chords: In this installment of “Quick & Dirty” we’re going to deal with 3 types of 9th chords. A 9th can be added to anything but most commonly it’s added to Major 7 (Cmaj9), Dominant 7 (C9) and Minor 7 (C-9) chords.


Hashtag: masterguitarschoolrenovation

On Master Guitar Schools' FaceBook page there are a bunch of posts hashtagged #masterguitarschoolrenovation. The same hashtag is found on my Instagram as well as my Tumblr pages.

They started out documenting the renovation on my home studio that we undertook in the Fall of 2019. One of the results of that renovation is that I got my turntable and stereo system put back together after it being non-functional for many years and started going through my old vinyl from the 70's and early 80's, which I hadn't listened to for literally decades.

I’ve been writing short little reviews of the albums to which I was listening. Check it out if you're interested: #masterguitarschoolrenovation.


P.S. I need to come up with some new free lessons for this monthly newsletter starting next month. Got any ideas?

My idea is to tackle the subject of modes (I see a lot of confusion on that subject in various FaceBook guitar groups I follow).

I’ve also thought about doing a series on 1st-position chords (real beginner stuff), but I'm open to any other suggestions - what say ye? Contact me and let's talk about it


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