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March 2020: Shuffle for Beginners

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

This newsletter marks the first where the FREE monthly lessons to Site Members will be aimed at beginners and intermediates. No more 2-year-long lesson series! This month's lesson is on THE foundational rhythmic and chordal mechanism of the Blues - THE SHUFFLE! Included are 5 technique tips to help you play a shuffle.

This lesson has explanatory text, 4 fretboard diagrams, 2 notation examples and 2 short videos.

For those of you who maintained interest in the previous 2-year-long lesson series, Unique Chord Voicings: all the lessons (32 of them) are being compiled into a PDF download. I'll let you know when that becomes available.

Also, I will be eliminating the physical books from the Master Guitar School Store. Physical book sales have dribbled down to almost nothing (other than my personal students). Plus, recently there have been some book sales to overseas addresses and the packaging and shipping has been a hassle, both time-wise and cost-wise.

So...I will make the books available as E-Books - PDF downloads - that you can purchase from Master Guitar School. I already have Units 3 through 10 done but have not gotten around to putting up a downloads page for them. I'll announce it when I get that page up.

To be clear: the books are NOT designed to be "self-teaching." They are basically an outline and require a knowledgeable instructor. They also require the ability to read music notation - there is no tab and no videos!

If you are a former student of John Elliott and have lost your lessons you might be interested in getting these books; his method is preserved in my codification. Contact me and we can talk about John!

If you are a former student of mine and have lost your books, well, here ya go! These are the books I use with my personal students. If you are not a personal or former student but can read and have a grasp of the neck already you could get something out of the books. If you're a beginner, or can't read music, don't bother; stick with the regular Lesson Downloads which include fretboard diagrams, demonstration videos and are designed to be as "self-teaching" as possible.

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P.S. A little experiment: There is a download link at the end of this month's lesson. For only $5.00 you can download the lesson to your device of choice. Is there a demand for this? I'll find out. The link will be good for 2 weeks.


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