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Master Guitar School Newsletter: March 2019

All right! - Lesson 22 of Unique Chord Voicings! This one has us adding a note on the 2nd string to open-voiced dominant chords (6th-string-root).

The note on the 2nd string is usually some kind of 5th but can also be a sharp-11 or a 13th.

The 1st-string-open is then added to create unique voicings.

The result includes some highly altered chords like Ab7(#11, b13) and Eb7+(b9), as well as unaltered chords like C13.

This lesson has 40 fretboard diagrams and a demonstration video with embedded dynamic fretboard diagrams that runs seven-and-a-half minutes.

For the sake of new members: I'm using the term "Unique" in a technical sense - see the blog: Altered States - Unique Voicings for an explanation.

7th Inversions!

I'm planning on launching the next Unit of Vertical Truth: Chordal Mechanisms for the Guitar the 3rd week of May. It's on 7th Inversions. If you have Unit 3: Triads and Unit 4: 7th Chords then this is the next installment you'll want to have. More details will be forthcoming in April's newsletter.

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