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New Lesson Series, Blog Links & More!

Thanks to all who purchased Going Modal!

The launch went without any problems! I appreciate everyone who purchased. Even though the super-low launch price has ended, the Site Member Discount is always available…to site members!

To those who purchased but didn’t download your free thank-you gift:

An email with a link to a free thank-you gift was sent on August 23 to everyone who purchased. Then again on August 26 to those that didn’t open the August 23 mailing. Then again to non-openers on Sept 1st. Aaaand again on Sept 4th!

There are still a few who haven't taken advantage of the free download. That link is still active if you go back through your inbox and find one of those emails.

Or you can reply to this blog and I’ll manually send you the link. I hope everyone who purchased avails themselves of this free thank-you download.


Announcing a new lesson series!

I’ve decided to go backwards and target more beginner and lower intermediate Site Members with this one. As of now, the working title is,

Cowboy Chords: A Deep Dive into 1st Position Fingering, Application & Technique

Yes, I’m talking about 1st-position chords: you know, G, C, D, Em, Am and so on. Some call them, “Open-String Chords.”

You can find them being taught all over the internet and in method books everywhere. The very first method book I had – it came with my first guitar purchase at age 11 – was a Mel Bay book of first-position chords. That's where I learned them.

Why then, is a guy like me, a pro guitarist for well over 40 years, who has all this advanced teaching content interested in teaching beginner-level first-position chords that can be found with a simple google-search?

Because I don't see them being taught the way I teach them. Furthermore, while some might say “cowboy chords” and “deep dive” is oxymoronic, such an attitude indicates that person does not really understand music &/or the possibilities contained in the guitar.

Plus, the fact that these chords are used in all styles. All styles of Rock, Jazz, Country, Blues, Folk...they are the most fundamental and ubiquitous chords on the guitar, ever. I use them constantly, and I'm proud of it! You should be too.

What makes my approach to teaching these chords different or better?

My basic approach is to teach one chord at a time, including many possible fingerings and some commonly-used extensions (7ths, 9ths etc), in a common or cliché order or chord progression (application), along with song examples. I talk about technique issues which are commonly missing; positioning, optimum finger placement order, minimum force and so on.

So, while these lessons are aimed at beginner and lower-intermediate students, there are elements that will appeal to students beyond that categorization. Plus, if you think you are more advanced, it never hurts to revisit the basics! You never know; you just might come across something you missed the last time around - or something you’ve never come across at all!

That's happened to me plenty of times.

So, for the next few months, the FREE lesson contained in this monthly newsletter will be on Cowboy Chords. Watch for it starting next month!

Oh, did I mention the FREE lesson in each newsletter is available to site members only?These lessons are webpage-based. The webpage is in the Members Only area of You must be a site member and logged in to access it. A FREE lesson every month - just one of the many benefits of being a site member.


Blogs Published Since Last Newsletter

To Loop or not to Loop?: That is the question.

Tribute to Joey D: Anyone familiar with me knows my history with and love of the Hammond B3. Groups built around B3 players who kick bass is my favorite genre of Jazz/Blues but I love the B3 sound in any context.

Crafter SA-TMVS Hybrid Acoustic-Electric: This guitar is well-put together.

Going Modal! The Spanish 8-Tone Scale: August Newsletter: FREE lesson on the Spanish 8-Tone Scale, new product announcement, blog links and more!


Tune of the Month

Here's one tune among many I've written and recorded that didn't get included on any of my CDs. However, it was performed live many times in a band I was in back in the '90's. It's kind of instrumental Rock/Funk.



P.S. Check out the newly redesigned Downloads page. It now has every download available from Master Guitar School.

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