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You Just Have To Laugh

You Just Have To Laugh is a podcast produced by comedian David Naster. David is an internationally well-known stand up comic.

He got my name from a mutual friend and contacted me wanting to talk “…about your work and a possible podcast.”

We met for lunch and he said,

“All I’m doing is determining if there’s a podcast here.”

After talking for an hour and a half he said,

“There is definitely a podcast here!”

Two days later we did the interview.

David wanted to talk about my history, my family and how I’ve maintained healthy relationships with my wife, kids and grandchildren AND maintained a successful music career.

So there’s more personal stuff than I usually share publicly.

I wanted to talk about what I’m focused on now - and the conversion of my teaching method to the internet environment.

We covered it all, and more on Davids’ podcast!

It’s long - an hour and a half - because we were having a great time!

David and I have both received a lot of positive response to this podcast so I thought I’d put it out there on the blog, I hope you get something out of it:


Seriously, check out You Just Have To Laugh. David must be in a manic phase, there are close to 200 podcasts there! And I am willing to bet they’re all fascinating!


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