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Can You Solo Through Changes using Minor Pentatonic? Yes You Can! 😀

Way back in November of 2014 (Yikes! It's been a whole year! - Sorry it's taken so long!) Earl wrote,

  • "Some instructional guides to help guitar players play over fast moving chord changes while outlining the harmony might be helpful. That's one of the hardest things that I struggle with!"

My answer at that time referred to some really advanced soloing content on the "Free Lessons" page of which was probably not helpful to most site members at that time. Finally, after 9 lessons into the "Concepts for Basic Improvising" series, I am getting around to an answer to that question that will be more accessible to a broader spectrum of players because it's rooted in the Blues and the Minor Pentatonic scale. Thus the first of several FREE lessons on this subject that will come to site members via the Newsletter:

Now I know most of you have not been site members for long enough to have gone through all the material that this latest lesson presupposes. If you think we're beginning to get a little beyond "basic" - well...I understand! However, we're not leaving the Minor Pentatonic Scale as the foundational paradigm from which we're deriving all this stuff. Hence, we're still "basic".

To get the background, you MUST have the Foundational 5-Lesson Series mastered. Most of you accessed site membership through this series. I try to make sure every new site member sees it. Immediately prior to this latest lesson there are 9 lessons in the "Concepts for Basic Improvising" series. Go to the "Free Lessons" page to access those lessons and dig in!

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