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Blues Launch!

Updated: May 14, 2023

We're taking a break this month from the Cowboy Chords lesson series in order to devote this newsletter to the launch of Unit 2: The Blues.

What do I mean by, "Unit 2"?

Well, one of the main purposes of has been to function as a platform for my guitar method, Vertical Truth: Chordal Mechanisms for the Guitar.

The method was published as a physical book in 1999. I've used it for decades with my personal students. It has also been used by teachers all over the USA who were part of my subscribing teachers program (now discontinued). The book is divided into "Units". Each Unit was printed/published separately as its own book and that's what I use with my personal students, even today. There are 10 Units altogether. I've reformatted the books as PDFs but I'm not pushing them and the sales page for them is buried in submenus on the website. However, if you're curious you can find them here.

The book was never designed as a "self-teaching" method; it's basically an outline that requires application by a qualified instructor. For about the last 8 years I have been rewriting the method to be as "self-teaching" as possible, conducive to the self-teaching paradigm of the internet environment. I'm reformatting each Unit as a PDF download. The PDFs follow the outline of the original book, albeit with massively more explanatory text, fretboard diagrams, notation as well as demonstration videos.

If you want a more detailed history, read The Fun Has Not Yet Gone Away.

I started with the Launch of Unit 3: Triads. The reason I started with Unit 3 instead of Unit 1 is because it's with Unit 3 that the uniqueness of my method really starts to shine. The content of Units 1 and 2 you can find all over the internet. For instance, the Cowboy Chords that have been the current free-lesson giveaway in this monthly newsletter is part of Unit 1. In fact, I have given away most of Units 1 and 2 as one of the benefits of site membership through this monthly newsletter or as free lessons in the blog.

The difference between my material and the typical presentation you find on the web is the methodology. My content is designed with the big picture in mind; it will underlie and dovetail with the more advanced stuff - if you get that far. When I teach something - even the most basic thing - how it fits into the big picture is always in mind.

Therefore, that’s what I’m doing now with Unit 2: The Blues. The PDF has:

  • 39 pages

  • 12 lessons

  • 77 fretboard diagrams​

  • 19 other graphics (song forms in different keys, rhythm notation/explanation, etc.)

  • ​13 demonstration video links

Here's what the PDF looks like:

Check out the Table of Contents:

It's impossible to overstate the importance of the Blues to popular music. The 12-bar Blues form is found in all genres. Even genres that are perceived to have no direct connection to the Blues. For instance, the surf guitar song, Wipeout is a 12-bar blues form, as is Hank Williams' Move it On Over. Chuck Berry's Johnny B Goode is also a 12-Bar Blues.

If you can play the 12-Bar Blues in any key you know hundreds, nay thousands, of songs! After Lesson 2 in this lesson series, you will know how to do just that!

​The Blues is the staple of jam sessions everywhere. Wanna sit in? Ya gots to know yer Blues! The Minor Pentatonic Scale (the most common scale used for soloing in the Blues) is found in every culture on the planet. Not to mention the Blues genre itself, which has worldwide appeal.

So starting on Monday of next week (May 15), the first of 3 emails will go out to my list, which when taken altogether, will preview all of Lesson 1. For free - starting next week.

The week after that, on May 22, the Launch will open. The emails during the launch week (May 22-26) will have the link to the download. Those emails will go out to SITE MEMBERS ONLY!

If you are not a Site Member and want the download,

Look for the 1st pre-launch email this Monday (the 15th)!


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