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Launching The Blues!

Updated: May 5, 2023

This month (May 2023) I will be launching Unit 2 of my guitar method, Vertical Truth: Chordal Mechanisms for the Guitar.

It's a PDF download:

The launch will open to ONLY Site Members on May 22 and run for 5 days.

If you're not sure and want more info, there will be 2 weeks of free previews and content starting with the monthly newsletter on May 9th, and then 3 free lessons during the week of May 15, up to the opening on May 22.

So if this lesson series looks like something you'd be interested in - and you are not a Site Member - click on the image below to go to the signup form:

Then watch your inbox:

  • Tuesday, May 9th - the monthly newsletter letter will be devoted to the upcoming launch.

  • Monday, May 15 will begin a week of free content from Unit 2: The Blues.

  • Monday, May 22 will be the launch open. The launch will run for 5 days and close at midnight, Friday the 26th.


Sign up as a Master Guitar School site member - it's free! - and get access to dozens of free site-based lessons, a monthly newsletter that contains a brand-new free lesson, and DEEP discounts on lesson series downloads - plus more!

For more information on site membership see Why Become a Site Member?

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