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Cowboy B7, Blog Links and More!

Here's the next lesson in the FREE series on Cowboy Chords. This lesson is on B7. It has 9 fretboard diagrams and includes a couple of common progressions, as well as a 5 minute video.

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Blogs Published Since Last Newsletter

Work Ethic: The interior was the darkest club I ever played and was a throwback to the heyday of Kansas City jazz.

A Series of Fortuitous Events: After playing for 30 or 40 minutes his ring and pinky fingers would go numb. He went to many specialists all over the country and nobody could diagnose what was wrong.

9th Chords in the Blues: How to use 9th chords in the Blues.

CDs: Old Habits Die Hard: Well, it was inevitable. To be honest, I'm kind of surprised it took this long. CD Baby is no longer selling physical products (CDs, vinyl and cassettes) for independent musicians.

Cowboy Chords: E & E7: Monthly Newsletter: Cowboy E, E7, Blog Links and more!


Tune of the Month

Yes, the Beatles' song. I asked myself,

"How would Wes Montgomery play this song?"

From my CD, Channeling Harold with Rich VanSant on Hammond B3 and Ian Sikora on drums.


How about 5 FREE Lessons?

The 5-Lesson Foundational Series teaches the Circle of Keys as an organizational mechanism by which you ensure that whatever you learn is drilled in every key in all possible positions.

It also gives you a method to find any note, anywhere, without memorizing note names on every string. That is a beautiful thing!

You can download the 5-Lesson Foundational Series right here for free (a $39 value) with no further obligation or commitment.


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