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Cowboy D, Blog Links and More!

Cowboy D

Continuing our free LESSON series on Cowboy Chords; today we cover D. Three different types; D, D7 and Dm. Four different progressions, 14 fretboard diagrams and an almost 7-minute video.

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Blogs Published Since Last Newsletter

Make Music, Not Scales: You’ve learned the A Minor Pentatonic Scale. Good! Now how do you make it sound like music?

TAB: Yes or No? The only thing you learn by using TAB is a specific song or lick - by rote. It doesn't give you any codified or organized musical information (note names, scales, keys etc), nor does it answer any "why?"-type questions.

The Spanish 8-Tone Distinctive: How to derive the distinctive sound of the Spanish 8-Tone Scale from the Minor Pentatonic.

Tribute to Jeff Beck: What to say about Jeff Beck? He died yesterday (January 10, 2023) and today I'm somewhat surprised at how it's hitting me. I'm surprised because I never considered him to be a huge influence on my playing. I was wrong.


Tune of the Month: The Jewel

This is from my CD, Sound Tracks, released in 1999. In 2000, The Jewel cracked IUMA's (Internet Underground Music Archives) top 10 on the New Age charts where it remained for several months. In December of 2000, Sound Tracks was among the top 5 sellers in the New Age category on Guitar Nine Records.

As with most of the tunes on this CD, my good friend Jack Mulligan provided the keyboard parts.


Update to Unit 3: Triads

Thanks to a sharp-eyed Site Member, a minor error on page 15 of the PDF, Unit 3: Triads, has been corrected. Thanks, Frank! I have recently updated the PDF associated with Unit 3: Triads. Those of you who have purchased Unit 3 should have received an email last Saturday, February 11, with a free updated PDF attached to replace the one you downloaded. If you can't find it, look in your spam folder. If you still can't find it, contact me and I will manually send you the updated PDF.



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