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Dec. 2020: Dominant Blues

Hey Guys,

Continuing our monthly series on the Blues. I call this lesson, "Dominant Blues."

Many times the 12-Bar Blues form is played using Dominant 7 chords. The word, "Dominant" in this context is a technical term; it refers to a specific type of chord. There are many types of Dominant chords; Dominant 7ths, 9ths and 13ths.

Dominant Chords are first introduced in Vertical Truth - Unit 4: 7th Chords. We're not going to get into the nuts-and-bolts of Dominant chords here. If you want to peek into the rabbit-hole you could go to the blog, Quick & Dirty 7th Chords.

The various chords I'm going to give you in this lesson are exhaustively dealt with in future lessons. There are plenty of pro Blues players who use these chords without knowing all the theory behind them. They play them by rote, and you can too.

On the other hand, if you've purchased and gone through Unit 4, then you'll have an understanding of Dominant 7th Chords. Either way,

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Last month I spoke of delaying the launch of Unit 6: 7th Voicing because of an "amazing development" at Master Guitar School.

My friend and colleague in the world of online guitar teaching, Kenny Salter, has retired from his online teaching business and has bequeathed me his list! As you may or may not know, an online marketer's list is everything.

Offering me his list is illustrative of Kenny's respect for my method, which he characterized as "the best out there" and his loyalty to his list, "I know they'll be in good hands." Consider the fact that this list represents 15+ years of hard work and Kenny's generosity comes into focus.

Kenny has been online teaching since 2004. He was ahead of the curve in that respect, and was very helpful to me when I got into it in 2014. You can find the story of how Kenny and I hooked up (it's a rather amazing series of seemingly random circumstances!) and also take a little peek into what's involved in the guitar lesson downloads business - it ain't as easy as it looks! That story can be found in the blog, The Fun Has Not Yet Gone Away.

Kenny's list has the potential to instantly quadruple my list and that's why this has been such an "amazing development".

Right now I'm in the last few days of my initial promotion to Kenny's list, hoping to move as many as possible to Master Guitar School site membership. Many of them have already signed up and thus will be reading this newsletter.

So... welcome to all the new site members!


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The Quick & Dirty Money Note: When improvising solos &/or constructing melodies, the third of the chord is the strongest, most definitive note of the chord, i.e. the "Money Note."

Jam Tales: Funky-Ass White Boy: I believe it’s possible that old black Blues musician was sensing Jonathan Hinckle somewhere in my energetic bio-field. My cell-memory contains him, you know.

Dorian 4th-Clusters: FREE Guitar Lesson! Dorian Scale Tone 4th Clusters. This is one of the concepts I use for chord soloing.


Thanks to all, Jay

P.S. Unit 6: 7th Voicing will be the next product launch; watch for it!

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