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April 2020: The 12-Bar Blues

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

This is Master Guitar School's monthly newsletter emailed to Site Members:

This month's FREE lesson, The 12-Bar Blues, builds on last month's FREE lesson, The Shuffle Pattern.

Internalize the 12-Bar Blues form and you instantly know eleventy-million songs! Seriously, there are a crap-ton of songs that all have the same basic form. Learn the form and you know the songs. It's that simple.

This lesson will not only teach you the 12-Bar Blues form, but will show you how to play it in any and every key.

Included is explanatory text, fretboard diagrams, graphics that lay out the 12-Bar form, and a ten-and-a-half minute video.

(If you are not a site member you will be prompted to sign up to view the lesson. Sign up is free.)


E-Books Now Available!

I am discontinuing sales of physical books. From now on, I will sell physical books to my personal students only.

However, the books have been rendered as PDF files and are available for download.

Keep in mind that they are NOT designed to be "self-teaching" but are basically an outline that requires a knowledgeable instructor. The latter half of the method requires the ability to read music notation - there is no tab and no videos! There are fretboard diagrams from the beginning through the first part of Unit 5, after which it's notation only.

If you are a former guitar student of John Elliott and have lost your lessons or want a digitized version you might be interested in getting these books; from Unit 4 (7th Chords) on, John's method is preserved in my codification. Contact me and we can talk about John!

If you are a former student of mine and have lost your books, or just want a digital copy, well, here ya go!

If you are not a personal or former student but can read and have a grasp of the neck already you could get something out of these books. If you're a beginner, or can't read music, don't bother; stick with the regular Lesson Downloads which include fretboard diagrams, demonstration videos and are designed to be as "self-teaching" as possible.

If you want to take a look at the contents and pricing of the E-Books GO HERE.

(Site membership is not necessary to view the Lesson Downloads or E-Books pages.)


Blogs Published Since Last Newsletter

(Site membership is not necessary to view the Blog.)


P.S. New lesson series: Unique Chord Voicings coming soon!!!


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