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April Newsletter: Comping Concepts

Updated: May 11

Free Lessons, Blog Links, Tune of the Month and More!


Free Lesson: Concepts for Comping - Lesson 4

Now we're going to drill some cliché diatonic chord progressions. “Diatonic” means that all the chords are taken from the Scale Tone 7ths we drilled in Lesson 2. The first progression will be II-V-I.

This lesson includes text, 10 fretboard diagrams and a video.

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Blogs Published Since Last Newsletter

Republished: The Mistake-Reboot Loop: If you make a mistake you’re playing too fast!

Republished: How I Play Songs I Don't Know: I know a lot of songs, but not as many as it may appear, because quite often I play songs I don’t know. Read the blog to find out how!

Clip-On This! This is a rant concerning clip-on tuners. They're ugly. And that annoys the crap out of me! Read the blog to find out why...

Concepts for Comping - Lesson 3: March Newsletter from Master Guitar School: Free lesson, blog links and more!


Tune of the Month

From my CD, Channeling Harold; "When Sunny Gets Blue" is a tune I’ve always enjoyed playing but I hadn’t really sung it much before recording it. When I worked with Kevin Mahogany in the late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s he liked to do it as a very up samba. I loved doing it that way as a player but when I sing it, for me, the lyric content demands a ballad treatment.

Vocally, I tried to channel Chet Baker. I love Chet Baker's pure, unadorned vocal style. If you're not familiar with Chet Baker, you should research him. He was a wonderful musician, but I think a lot of his potential for major success was sabotaged by his horrible heroin addiction.

I first became interested in singing it after I heard Steve Miller's version. Yes, the Rock/Pop guitarist/Vocalist famous for The Joker, Take the Money and Run, Fly Like and Eagle and many other hits.

In 1988 Steve Miller released a solo album of Jazz standards, "Born 2B Blue," which included "When Sunny Gets Blue." Steve Miller's vocal style happens to be similar to Chet Baker.

The rhythm guitar track was recorded with my 1972 Alvarez-Yairi nylon string. The solo with my early '70's Gibson 175.


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The 5-Lesson Foundational Series teaches the Circle of Keys as an organizational mechanism by which you ensure that whatever you learn is drilled in every key in all possible positions. It also gives you a method to find any note, anywhere, without memorizing note names on every string. That is a beautiful thing!

Almost every lesson I teach presupposes it.

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