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Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Cowboy Chords

Last month I announced a new lesson series; Cowboy Chords: 1st Position Fingering, Technique & Application, and gave you Lesson 1, which was an Introduction. I said,

"...while these lessons are aimed at beginner and lower-intermediate students, there are elements that will appeal to students beyond that categorization. Plus, if you think you are more advanced, it never hurts to revisit the basics! You never know; you just might come across something you missed the last time around - or something you’ve never come across at all! That's happened to me plenty of times."

This month is Lesson 2. It's on the first-position G, i.e., the G Cowboy Chord. I give seven fingerings for G and two fingerings for G7.


Blogs Published Since Last Newsletter

Stumbling into the Spanish 8-Tone Scale: During my solo, I stumbled around for a second and, totally by chance/intuition hit upon a symmetrical pattern on the fretboard that worked.


Tune of the Month

"My Romance" is a jazz standard written by Rodgers and Hart. It was written for a musical in 1935.

This recording is on my Channeling Harold release (2001) and features Diane “Mama” Ray on vocals. I have been working steadily with Mama Ray from 1991 to this day. You can read some of our history here.

The guitar accompaniment was recorded using my Yairi nylon-string and the solo is my Martin MC-28.



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