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Going Modal! Lesson 3: Dorian

This lesson is on the Dorian Mode. The fingerings we'll use derive from the fingerings for the Natural Minor Scale, aka the Aeolian Mode. If you didn't see last months' newsletter you'll need to know the content of that to get the most out of this lesson.

The Dorian Mode is used in many songs you're familiar with: * Wicked Game – Chris Isaak * Oye Como Va – Santana * Evil Ways – Santana * So What – Miles Davis * Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix * Eleanor Rigby – the Beatles * Scarborough Fair – Simon & Garfunkel * Impressions – John Coltrane

...just to name a few!

The Dorian Mode is obtained by simply sharping the 6th degree of the Natural Minor Scale; check it out:

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Blogs Published Since Last Newsletter

Legato/Staccato: Have you ever listened to a guitarist play and marveled at how “smooth” or fluid his solos sounded? Are you struggling to achieve that in your own playing? I can help you with that.

The Value of the Avant-Garde: ... avant-garde music reveals and causes you to question your unconscious presuppositions about what it is that constitutes music. It's provocative and challenging, sometimes offensive. If you have to ask, “Is that music or noise?” - then it's performing its basic function.

Loft Jazz: Not for Everybody - The Value of the Avant-Garde (Part 2): This was community music. Part of the point was that, free of the strictures of clubs, the music could be anything, go anywhere, go on for as long as it wanted.

The Phrygian Distinctive: Backdoor into the Phrygian sound from the Minor Pentatonic scale. It’s easy! Just add a single note...


Vertical Truth: Chordal Mechanisms for the Guitar

Unit 6: 7th Voicing

Ok...I have a confession to make: I've finished the Unit - all done. I just haven't gotten around to putting the launch together. I'll do it - I promise!

Why would I procrastinate doing a launch and making money? WTH!?!?

I hate to say this but doing what it takes to do a launch is my least favorite part of the process.

I know it looks easy - send out some emails and make money while I sleep, right?

Putting a launch together involves lining up a LOT of ducks behind the scenes. For those that are interested, I use the formula laid out in Jeff Walkers' book, Launch!

If you want the story behind how I discovered Jeff Walker and the amazing synchronicities involved that led me into what I'm doing now, read, The Fun Has Not Yet Gone Away...

Doing a launch requires creating a sales/landing page for the product, 3 prelaunch videos, 5-7 videos for the week of the launch. That's on top of creating a couple of upsells, creating the downloads page, testing everything to make sure all the links are good, etc etc etc. And all that is on top of creating the product (which I've already done).

Creating the lessons is my most favorite part; selling the lessons is my least favorite part.

Don't get me wrong, I have to make money. But I'm not motivated by making money. I'm motivated by the love of the guitar and making music, and instilling value and positivity into the world through music. Performing it, teaching it, administering it.

So I have to do all the above to put this launch together - in addition to everything else I do, which is a lot.

Relative to I write this newsletter once a month. It contains a free lesson for my Site Members which I produce every month. I write a blog a week. And I'm constantly working on lesson series to be released in the future. My agenda is to get my Vertical Truth method rewritten for the internet environment. Most of my spare time is devoted to that. I'm getting ready to start on Unit 7: 9th Chords. There are 10 Units altogether.

Plus, I teach about 50 personal students a week.

On top of all that, my gigs are picking up as the economy begins to recover from the Corona shutdown. The weekly Saturday Jam I play started back up this month. I recently started a run of gigs every Tuesday with Smooth Jazz artist Max Groove, so within the last 3 weeks I've had to learn a ton of Max Groove tunes.

One night this month I have a double-header! Solo from 6-9pm and then race to another club and play with Max Groove from 10pm-2am. Almost like the old days - the difference being I was young and strong back then!

So far in April I have 12 gigs booked. That averages out to 3 gigs a week. Go to my Gig Schedule for the scoop.

Wah! Feeling sorry for me yet? Maybe now you can have a little compassion, a little love and understanding, concerning why my feet drag on putting a launch together?

I'm not complaining, I'm living the dream as far as I'm concerned - and I mean that sincerely!

So while you're waiting for me to get my sh---t together on this launch, check out this months' FREE lesson on the Dorian Mode, won't you?

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