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March 2021: Going Modal-Lesson 2

This months' free lesson is the 2nd in a series on modes.

As I said in last months' newsletter, I think of each mode as its own key, independent of the parent scale from which it's derived. I teach my students to hear, think and visualize each mode in-and-of itself. This results in quick-and-easy access, based on what you want to hear, rather than some intellectual process relating back to the scale from which the mode is derived.

I derive modal patterns/fingerings on the fretboard from what I call, "archetypes." There are two; the Major Scale and the Natural Minor Scale. From these two "parents" all the various modes can be obtained by altering a single note in most cases.

These two archetypes can also be used to access other scales that don't derive from the Major Scale such as Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor and their respective modes such as the Lydian Dominant, Phrygian Dominant, and so on.

Don't worry about understanding what I just said! The point is, learn the Major Scale and the Natural Minor Scale and you will have the foundation for my approach to GOING MODAL!

Put in the time and repetition on these two scales first and all the modes (and many other scales/modes) will come easy!

Trust me, I can get you to a functional, guitar-friendly understanding of modes - if you follow me, step-by-step and TRUST THE PROCESS!

With that in mind, last month we covered the Major Scale; now here's step 2 - the Natural Minor Scale:

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Unit 6: 7th Voicing: Coming Soon!

Please be patient - I'm putting together the launch as we speak! I've had to divert some time to getting my tax crap together for Uncle Sam. It happens every year.

In general, I love being self-employed - but playing the tax game is one of the things I don't like about it. Still, if you don't play the game, you'll be screwed. And sometimes you get screwed regardless.

Anyway - Unit 6 is coming! Playing chord melodies is the problem; Unit 6 is the solution! Well, one solution - there are others. We'll cover those later!

Watch for a blog titled, Chord Melodies: 7th Voicing Preview! - that will signal the start of the pre-launch sequence.

NOTE: The new product launches go out to Site Members ONLY! See, Why Become A Site Member?


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