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Master Guitar School Newsletter: August 2019

Have you reached Unique Voicings saturation yet? Some of you are probably going,

"Yeah, like a year and a half ago!"

I get it. The stuff we're into at this point is not for everybody. It might relieve you to know that this lesson series will end soon - and we will have covered no Unique Voicings inversions. So far everything's been in Root Position, i.e. the root is in the bass. Covering inversions would quadruple the amount of material! I'm not going to get into that content anytime soon.

Instead, I'm going to go in the other direction - basic beginner-type stuff; 1st position chords, power chords, Major and Minor bar chords, stuff like that. Of course, you can find that stuff all over the web, but it's not organized in a way that dovetails with my approach. Organizing everything so that you can drill it around the Key Circle is a fundamental aspect of my method.

That's why I prompt everyone who signs up to go through the 5-Lesson Foundational Series.

If you don't know what I mean by, "Key Circle" then you haven't gone through the 5-Lesson Foundational Series, have you? Do it!

For those who've made it this far, here is Lesson 26 of the Unique Voicings series; Add 9ths to Close-Voiced 7th Chords: Minor and Diminished.

There are 12 fretboard diagrams and two videos.

The section on Diminished is a video-only lesson.

Are you a new member? Don't understand "Unique Voicings?" Check out the blog: Altered States - Unique Voicings for an explanation.

All previous Unique Voicings lessons in the series can be accessed for FREE in the Members Only section of the website.

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I'm always looking for blog fodder. Got any ideas? Is there some problem or issue when it comes to your guitar playing/learning that you'd like me to address? Send me a question or a suggestion!

P.S. Got a question about a lesson or download? Don’t hesitate to ask! Just use the contact info above.


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