• Jay EuDaly

The Vertical Truth Method


I can help.

My name is Jay EuDaly and I've been a professional, full-time guitarist for over 50 years. I've played approximately 10,000 shows since 1969 and taught thousands of students since the mid-eighties. (Bio)

I teach a method that can remove the mystery.

What makes this method any different from the plethora of guitar education websites out there peddling guitar lessons?

The short answer is that this method takes you step-by-step through about 1,000 years of music theory evolution and APPLIES IT TO THE GUITAR.

In 1999 I published the method in book form as, Vertical Truth: Chordal Mechanisms for the Guitar. If you want my history with this method, read A Little Story.

In 2014 I decided to make the move into an online-based teaching business model. Since the book was designed for one-on-one instruction and requires a qualified instructor, it is not sufficient to just reformat it as a PDF and throw it out there – it was never designed for that.

To adapt the method to the online environment requires a complete overhaul. In other words, I've got to rewrite and reformat the book as a self-contained, self-teaching digital product.

Thus the regular product launches from MasterGuitarSchool.com.

As each Unit is completed, I first launch to Site Members for a one-time special low price and then the Unit gets put in the Store at retail price with Site Member discounts available.

The rewrite includes greatly expanded explanatory text, fretboard diagrams and demonstration videos, as well as the music notation taken from the original books.

Vertical Truth is the Theory of Harmony. That is, the study of chord construction and function.

From this knowledge comes a plethora of applications for soloing, including scales, modes and arpeggios.

To get the optimum benefit from the method, one must recognize the value of a systematic approach and commit to the process of working through it, in order.

That right there is the antithesis of the self-directed, learn-by-rote, random acquisition “method” by which most guitarists teach themselves and which is the most inefficient way to learn that exists.

Statistically, the "50 Licks"-type videos are what sell the best. You know, "50 Essential Licks for Classic Rock" or, "50 Essential Country Licks" etc...

If I was in it for the money, that's what I'd do. But that's not me - I know myself and I know I wouldn't be happy churning out a bunch of stuff by rote. You want that? Just google. There are plenty of guys doing it.

I want to teach what I want, how I want. I want to present a method that works.

The method I teach worked for me! It caused a quantum leap in my guitar playing in a short period of time. It was a huge part of what enabled me to actually make a living with the guitar, and for that, I'm eternally grateful.

So I want to to do for you what was done for me - paying forward, plain and simple. Leaving a legacy. Creating value in people's lives is the best kind of job in the world, don't you think?