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Cowboy Chords

We’re continuing our FREE lesson series on Cowboy Chords, AKA First-Position Chords. This month’s lesson is on A and A7.

I’m trying something new; instead of creating the lesson as a webpage, I’m embedding a PDF in the webpage. That cuts down on the work I have to do. I create the lesson in a PDF anyway, and this eliminates all the copy and pasting to the webpage. Let me know what you think.

This lesson has two pages, 15 fretboard diagrams and a video.

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Blogs Since Last Newsletter

Bill Evans Time Remembered: I recently saw a documentary called, “Bill Evans Time Remembered.” Listening to players of other instruments besides guitar has made me a better guitar player.

Know Your Notes? I recently watched a podcast where Steve Vai talks about his lessons as a beginner with Joe Satriani.

You’ve Got 3 Seconds: I felt a little compassion, maybe it's misplaced but I decided to send her one last message - a little fatherly advice if you will.

Back to Cowboy Chords: June Newsletter: Free lesson on Cowboy Chords, blog links, Tune of the Month and more!


Tune of the Month

This song originated in a dream. I dreamed the whole first verse of this song one night. Words, chord progression, lyrics - everything, all at once. I got up that morning, picked up a guitar and instantly sang and played it without working on it (except I DID work on it - in my dream!).

The second verse came almost immediately thereafter, with about 15 minutes work. I let it simmer on the back burner for several months and then came up with the chorus. This happened towards the end of a long stretch (seven years) of 70 to 80 hour workweeks. I'm pretty sure my subconscious was telling me I needed a vacation!

Comparisons to James Taylor's famous song of the same name are unavoidable. I would be lying if I were to say that JT hasn't been an influence on me. But - - - this is MY Mexico, not his. With the exception of rhyming, "Oh" with, "Mexico" there are no other similarities that I can think of. Also, this is the ONLY song I have ever heard that rhymed, "Tequila" with "heal ya". Take THAT, James!

Many of the friends and family I use to get honest feedback on works-in-progress also said something like, "Sounds kind of like a Jimmy Buffet song." I would say, "Yeah, it kind of does (except for that one Dominant flat-9 chord in the chorus) - until the coda. Then it goes somewhere Jimmy Buffet has never been!"



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