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Back to Cowboy Chords

After taking a break to devote last month's newsletter to the launch of Unit 2: The Blues, this month we're going to put 4 Cowboy Chords together; C - Am - F - G7.

I'll give different fingering options and different orders, extensions and combinations to create several cliché progressions. Remember, "cliché" in this context is not a pejorative; it means the progression is so good everybody uses it all the time! All styles of music consist of mostly clichés; learn the clichés and you have a handle on the style! Dig?

This lesson has 26 fretboard diagrams for 10 different chords, placed in 5 different progressions and a video.

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Thanks to all who purchased Unit 2: The Blues!

Everyone who purchased received an email with a link to a FREE thank-you gift; a 4-lesson series called, "Blues Plus". If you didn't see that email, or if you tried and the download failed (there was a glitch on the download platform) contact me and I'll rectify the situation.

I appreciate you helping to support Master Guitar School by purchasing products more than you can know. I want you to have this free series! The sales page is here but I can give you a 100% off discount code. This freebie is available only to those who purchased during the launch last month; for the rest of you:



Blogs Published Since Last Newsletter

Note: Because of the launch last month there's a bunch of blogs promoting Unit 2: The Blues. I'll list blogs from the last "Cowboy Chords" newsletter 2 months ago. These are in backwards chronological order from the top down (the most recent being first).

Wendler 7-String: "While you're at it, can you put a 7th string on there? I've been thinking about a 7-string lately, how I would tune it and what the chord shapes would look like." He matter-of-factly replied, “I can do that." - and he did.

Republished: How I Sabotage My Music Career - And Why: Since I first published this back in 2018 on the occasion of my marriage anniversary I’ve republished it every year. So here it is again.

The Blues: Sandbag the Shuffle! Sandbag the Shuffle and don’t break time!

More Blues: Shuffle Technique! Students usually have some issues with being able to play a Shuffle consistently. I have several technique tips that greatly enhance strength and stamina.

Blues Launch: How to Play a Shuffle! Blues Launch: How to Play a Shuffle!

Blues Launch! Announcing the launch of The Blues; a 12-lesson series in a PDF download.

Launching The Blues! This month (May 2023) I will be launching Unit 2 of my guitar method, Vertical Truth: Chordal Mechanisms for the Guitar. Check out the blog for how to get in on it.

A Hit Instrumental Song is Almost an Oxymoron: Dude! Affirmation is a beautiful thing!


Tune of the Month

From my "My Ship" CD. Obviously autobiographical - I've lived every line!

FYI - I played the solo on my Wendler 7-string. I don't remember why; I didn't use the 7th string at all, I could have done it on any other guitar but I chose that one.



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