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Cowboy Chords: Progression: G-Em-C-D7

This FREE lesson uses the chords we've learned so far to create a cliché progression. The term, "cliché" in this context is not negative; it means this progression is so good everybody uses it all the time! Get it down and you know hundreds of songs!

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Republished: Common-Tone Voice Leading: Less movement means less potential for error.

Republished: 2-Note Jazz Chords: When comping behind a vocalist or a soloist, playing these 2-note chords leaves space for the bass player and the keyboardist to do their thing. Trust me, they'll appreciate you for it!


Tune of the Month

This month will be a little different. I'm working on a blog called, "Remembering Kevin Mahogany."

Kevin was a jazz singer that became prominent in the '90's. Newsweek magazine called him, "...the standout jazz vocalist of his generation."

It just so happens that Kevin and I were friends. I was in more than one band with him including the last band he fronted in Kansas City before he got his first record deal in '93. We stayed in touch all through his career, so I got a front-row seat to the whole show (he passed away in 2017).

In the early days in Kansas City he wasn't only a jazz singer, although he was that. We did a mix of Jazz, Fusion, Classic and Contemporary R&B and Funk. He could do it all. I have hours of recordings - mostly gig tapes. So the quality varies from cheap cassettes recorded on a ghetto-blaster, board mixes from gigs and a few studio sessions.

One of the clubs we played on a regular basis, The Tuba, had a makeshift recording studio in the attic over the stage. Mics were suspended through the ceiling in addition to there being a feed from the house mixing board. Here's a Tower of Power tune recorded on August 3, 1991 at The Tuba:

The blog will contain several tracks like this of greater or lesser quality; so watch for "Remembering Kevin Mahogany."



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