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Lesson 4 in our FREE series on Cowboy Chords; i.e. 1st-position chords that use open strings.

This month we dive into C. You may think,

"Beginner stuff! What's to know? Cowboy C. How can you make a whole lesson out of that?"

You might want to rethink that; this lesson has 11 fretboard diagrams!

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Blogs Published Since Last Newsletter

Henriksen Bud SIX: This amp is the size of a freakin’ toaster! It weighs 13 pounds!

Republished: The Harmonic Minor Distinctive: The concept is that we’re starting from the most commonly-known scale among guitarists, the Minor Pentatonic, and altering or adding a single note to get the distinctive sound of whatever scale/mode we’re after.

Memorable Bar Fights: The first few bar fights I witnessed I was shocked and traumatized. However, I quickly developed a detachment and learned to appreciate them for their drama and entertainment value.


Tune of the Month

No, it's not a typo. I've made my wife's name a verb!

This is from my CD, Sound Tracks. As you can tell, the keyboard beds are a definitive part of this track. That would be Jack Mulligan, with whom I've shared countless stages and studios.

From the liner notes: "I must also give special thanks to my good friend Jack Mulligan, who spent many Saturday mornings (a bad time for a musician) in my studio coming up with consistently creative and definitive parts to many of these songs. He once told me, "I love the process."

The bass is played by Bob Blount, with whom I've also shared many stages and studios, not the least of which is a couple versions of "Mahogany." That would be Kevin Mahogany, the jazz vocalist of renown. Bob and Jack both played in Mahogany along with myself and saxophonist Phil Brenner who I still work with today.

For a short exposé on Mahogany see, Stumbling into the Spanish 8-Tone Scale.



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