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Going Modal! The Money Note (Part 2)

Last month we did Part 1 of The Money Note - the latest lesson in our continuing series on modes, and how I think about them. The “money note” in a melody is a note that is particularly strong, definitive &/or resolved-feeling in relation to the chord being played under it. The money note is usually played on a strong beat &/or it is stressed dynamically in the line, or it is the final note in a phrase, i.e. a resolution. This lesson is for those who can tolerate a little more complexity. It concerns how to think modally when soloing over a diatonic chord progression rather than a single chord. The trick is to be able to visualize the money notes of each chord in the progression within a single mode. So here ya go:

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2021 Performance Picture Retrospective

I don't do any gig promotion in these newsletters or on in general. There's another website for that;

I love pictures! Uploading pictures is the main thing about that gets updated on a regular basis. So just for grins I thought I'd link you to the 2021 Photos Page.


Launches Planned For 2022!

Unit 2: The Blues - This one is ready to go! All I have to do is put the pre-launch content together.

Unit 9: 9th Chords - The PDF is done but I still have to shoot and edit all the videos so it's going to be a while yet.

Kinda going two directions at once!

Forwards into 9th chords. Massive quantity of content - as much as the previous 3 units put together! It's awesome stuff that I use constantly in my own playing to this day! Here's the Table of Contents.

Backwards to the Blues - basic stuff you can find most anywhere, but designed to dovetail with the more advanced material that comes subsequently. Watch for a 4-part blog series called, Blues Plus that will begin next week to get an idea of where the Blues can take you!

Speaking of the Blog:


Check Out The Blog!

The fact that I link to blogs in every newsletter should clue you in; I publish a blog every week - Monday at 5am CST. I write about whatever I feel like, but it is all guitar/music related. Some of the blog categories are:

▪Free Lessons



▪Music Theory


▪Quick & Dirty




▪Jam Tales

and tons more! CHECK IT OUT!

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