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Going Modal! Harmonic Context!

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"Harmonic" means chords! In the last lesson we put the modes we learned in the previous 7 lessons into their scalar context; in this lesson we deal with the chordal context.

To understand why and how each mode corresponds to a chord type (Major, Minor, Dominant, etc.), we need to understand how chords are constructed from scales - and that's what we get into in this month's FREE lesson:

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Unit 6 Launch Complete!

Big, big thanks to all of you who purchased. In spite of some technical issues that cost me some sales, the launch of Unit 6: 7th Voicing went reasonably well. After all, it's a First-World problem to say, "I didn't make quite as much money as I would have." I'm grateful for it, whatever it is.

Everyone who purchased received a FREE CD, if they demonstrated their interest by supplying me with a mailing address. The CD was Channeling Harold, an album of jazz standards by yours truly, released on my own record label in 2001.

So you non-Site Members, not only did you miss out on the one-time-only super-low launch price for Unit 6: 7th Voicing (which was to Site Members only), you also missed out on a FREE CD!

Unit 6: 7th Voicing is now in the Store on for $79. With the Site Member discount; $49.

There’s tons of free content on that sales page so check it out!


Blogs Published Since Last Newsletter

(Blogs are public; site membership not required)

The Day Facebook Went Away: Let me ask you a question; in your guitar learning endeavors, do you depend on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media platform to find content and to progress on the instrument? If so, what would happen if your platform of choice went away and that guy you’ve followed lost all his social media followers?

Cream at Klooks Kleek: I recently stumbled across a bootleg recording that I’d not heard, or even heard of, before; Cream at Klooks Kleek Club in London on November 15, 1966.

Create Chord Melodies...& MORE!: This video includes demonstrations of using Open and Close-Voiced 7th chords to comp to Blues and Standards, adding extensions (9ths, 13ths etc) and walking bass lines in Blues and Standards. So not only is Unit 6: 7th Voicing the key to being able to create chord-melody arrangements, it's also a foundation for further growth and progress on your guitar/music journey.

Create Your Own Chord Melodies!: In this video I'm going to give you one position (out of 3) for Open Voiced 7th Chords and one position (out of 4) for Close Voicing. 4 types of 7th chords = 8 different chord shapes. With these 8 shapes you have the foundation for creating your own chord-melody arrangements of any song you want!

Announcing the Launch of Unit 6: 7th Voicing!: Why limit yourself to googling for a chord-melody arrangement for this song or that song when you can create your own for any song?

Chord Melodies: Preview!: Have you ever wondered how guitar players can play chords and melodies at the same time!? Take these 11 lessons and you’ll have the stuff to create your own chord-melody arrangements!

Chord Melodies: A Better Idea: Why not invest a little time and effort learning the theory behind creating chord-melody arrangements? Then you can CREATE your own arrangements!

Jam Tales: José Hendrix: Sometime in the Spring of 2011, a singer from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) sat in at the Saturday Afternoon Jam at BBs. His stage name was José Hendrix. He lives in Kinshasa, the capital city of the DRC with a population of 15 million. He was good, real good.

Thanks again to all who purchased during the launch of Unit 6: 7th Voicing. Your purchase helps me keep going!


P.S. I’ve already got the next launch planned! It will be Unit 2: The Blues. It’s real basic stuff so if you’ve felt left behind with all this chord-melody what-for and what-have-you, this is for you! I’ll supply more details in the coming weeks!


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