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Going Modal! Lydian

July 2021 Newsletter

Hey Guys,

Welp, I lost a month. My wife and I spent the month of June sick with Covid. That was about 3 weeks of a whole lot of no fun! Fortunately, I stay ahead on the newsletters and blogs I publish and it's all automated so even though I was down, the June newsletter went out on schedule as did the blogs.

Now, however, I'm out of headroom and still recovering somewhat, although I've resumed my normal teaching and gig schedule. I get fatigued easy but I've spent most of my adult life fatigued so I can handle that!

All that to say, I barely got this video done in time. We're continuing the Going Modal series here with the Lydian Mode. The Lydian Mode is a major-type mode, so the fingering is derived from the Major Scale; you can review the lesson on the Major Scale here.

Check out the Lydian:


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Blogs Published Since Last Newsletter

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Teaching Teachers: Just because you’re a good player doesn’t mean you’re a good teacher; those are two different skill sets.

Django!: It doesn't matter what limitations you have, we'll find a work-around. Who knows? Maybe we'll discover a whole new way to play something! After all, DJANGO!

The Mixolydian Distinctive: The basic concept of this "Modal Distinctives" series is that you can get to the distinctive sound of a mode without learning the whole mode, but by adding, or altering, a single note of the most commonly-known scale among guitarists; the Minor Pentatonic. So how can you get a Mixolydian sound from a Minor Pentatonic? Easy. Just sharp the 3rd.

  • Because all the blogs in the queue have been published, I'm posting older blogs until I can get out ahead of things again:

What's Wrong With My Hand? Flying Fingers. What’s Wrong With My Hand? Flying Fingers. FREE technique tips! Don’t move a finger unless it’s necessary.


What about the launch of Unit 6: 7th Voicing? procrastination is really biting me in the you-know-what now!

I'll do the launch when I can get to it. I cancelled a month of gigs and 3 weeks of teaching due to contracting Covid. That's the longest I've gone without working in my adult life! My wife got hit harder than me; prognosis is full recovery; she's improving daily but still needs a lot of help.

All the blogs I had in the queue have been published, I barely got this newsletter out on time wah, wah, wah!

My wife's care, my personal students, and the gigs take priority over any online activity. So Unit 6 will be launched when I can get to it. Sorry, but life gets in the way sometimes.




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